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  1. Rescue a G3 Grape

    If the Grape iMac is a slot loader it is possible to use as is by plugging in an external monitor to the VGA PORT hidden by the easily removable panel on the bottom. Only problem is cannot turn off the CRT display. If the Grape iMac is a tray loader, could still salvage for any hardware upgrades by previous owners.
  2. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Point of all of above if you now have a DVD-DL burner: I heard they are very unreliable in duplicating Mac OS X DVD-DL installers - Apple Corp. has no problem with that. In order to Install as an Upgrade: Here is easy safe way to delete languages: 1. simply SEARCH for 'Italian' or 'Danish', etc. A long list of folders will appear. Every single folder select enclosing folder (Resources) then delete all languages except 'English.lproj'. Should take about 2 hours, but nothing is deleted you do not decide to delete. 2. Another way is to search for '.lproj' and then delete all but English. Every delete in System/Library requires entering password. 3. Another way is to use Monolingual app, BUT ABSOLUTELY MUST SET PREFERENCES FIRST. Prefs set whether to delete all G5 files, etc. This will eliminate those unwanted languages under Options and then can upgrade Tiger to Leopard.
  3. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Same here, could not uncheck all the languages. Deleted all languages to make room for XCode Tools, which now includes 500 Mb of Documentation pkgs. In order to use Upgrade Install, could try editing the new disc volume by deleting just the XCode Docs first, x11, and the languages not currently installed on your Mac (main Lib/Receipts). Erase and Install is what I usually do. Excellent opportunity to add/change partition(s) and clear out junk files from uninstalled programs, and then only reinstall programs actually used in last 3 years. If create 'CD/DVD Master' = .cdr image, can simply rename it .iso and use a Windows PC to do the burning. Alternate method if unfamiliar with Disk Utility 'Restore' 1. convert Leopard dmg to read/write. 2. mount the new dmg. 3. edit it down to 4.35 Gb maximum. burn any of pkgs could need later. 4. select File/New/Disc image from folder then select mounted volume. 5. Prompted for destination and .... 6. create cd/dvd master = .cdr -- 7. enter Admin password to create image. 8. rename it .iso if will use PC to burn disc.