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  1. Adobe CS5 or Final Cut Studio

    I would say Adobe CS5 because that the are more flexible softwares with lots of plugins and 3rd party software
  2. iOS 4 Battery Problems

    Battery problems for me occur when you put the ipod in sleep with the wifi turned on. If you disable it the battery wont drain overnight. Wifi managing in iOS 4 is terrible, it drains your battery fast, if you dont need it turn it off.
  3. Running Hackintosh in public place

    I normally respond, yep I's a Mac and a PC.
  4. Best beer

    I would go with guinness
  5. XBOX 360 slim or PS3 slim

    The big decision is the online comunity. Are you gonna play online and interac with others. If yes you should buy a 360, eventhough you need to pay it is a better online service. If not, go with a PS3. Console exclusive games are a second tought.
  6. How laggy was your computer ?
  7. It's my xbox gamertag, I have no idea where I foud it though
  8. Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm a pretty normal guy. Back in 2008 I installed OSX on my pc and since then I'm a hackintosh user. The current version I'm using hasen't been updated since 2008, still as fast a it was. I'm now converted to macs, net computer I'm gonna buy is gonna be a mac
  9. 60 Apple wallpapers

    Thanks a lot. These are great wallpapers
  10. The Ultimate Web Browser

    This is a triky one. I like safari, fast simple but, pretty much no customization and some websites dont work perfectly. I would have to go with firefox, customization and compatibility makes it a win with me. Firefox 4 looks promising, I love the beta so far
  11. I'ts simple, all those great features for free
  12. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Voodoo kernel 1 for leo works fine with my Pentium D. I'm wating for snow now