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    Uninstall and getting normal windows back

    The F keys used to work, I used to just be able to press them (on their own without fn) and the brightness would change, or volume. Now I cant even use fn with an F key and change the brightness. But Ill try the multi touch drivers for the trackpad. Thanks for the help!
  2. hi all i installed input remapper 1.0.04 yesterday and only used it to change the speed of my fans on windows xp (running on a macbook pro 15 inch). I realised using it that i couldnt use things like my F keys, F1 wouldnt change my brightness, it would open a new page on the internet and things like that. So i got annoyed and uninstalled it to try to get my F keys working again. However, now its installed and I still have no F keys, and my trackpad wont use the double finger scroll. Does anyone know how to get my normal macbook pro function back to normal? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks