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  1. Can you be more specific about the problems you're having?
  2. Just finished my installation of 10.5.7 on Asus Rampage II Extreme/Core i7 920 Got to a stage where I nearly gave up, but I didnt in the end I tried two methods (both of which worked) I installed using boot-132 method + retail DVD. I installed using iAtkos v7 and/or iDeneb 10.5.5/10.5.6 All installation goes fine with typical bios settings i.e SATA as AHCI and disable cores/HT. However the easiest for me to do was: Sort out bios settings Install Windows (if not installed) and reboot Boot off of distro disc (iAtkos v7 as example) using 'busratio=20 -v' flag - install leopard to HD/partition - make sure to include the right packages AND chameleon bootloader On reboot you will get kernel panics etc, so go back to windows (you may need to insert disk and do a startup repair) and download MacDrive, browse to leopard partition and copy the kexts from this thread to the /Extra folder on root. Reboot Load leopard - at Darwin/Chameleon boot hit f8 and use flag 'busratio=20 -v -f' ( -f flag is not always necessary) and boot into your shiny new Leo install. Patch your DSDT and place DSDT.aml in root of drive. Reboot - enter BIOS and turn all cores and whatnot back on Enjoy Hope this helps some PS. Sorry for the crappy guide - its late + im tired EDIT: here's a link to the kexts you will need + patched DSDT to save you the hassle once again, hope this helps someone with this board DSDT.aml http://rapidshare.com/files/259316274/dsdt...rampageiiex.zip Kexts http://rapidshare.com/files/259316460/Ramp...ts_nakquada.zip If anyone needs a more detailed guide I'd be glad to assist
  3. Gonna try my install on Asus Rampage II Extreme now, will keep you posted.