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  1. The consensus is that Asus isn't as reliable as Gigabyte. Additionally, you get more for you money with Gigabyte!
  2. gosnis

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Firefox is great, but did suffer from the memory leak issue forever.
  3. Perhaps the looming 'Digital Economy Bill' will counter that.... Its seems that soon, a rights holder only has to point a finger at a suspect and then the plod come knocking with a warrant!
  4. Hi sticksbs, I was wondering if you ever found a suitable solution, as I am also in the same predicament! I currently have Raid 1 on 2x TB drives containing WinXP. I would like to install OSX on a third drive (or possible a second Raid array), without disrupting my WinXP Raid functionally when I boot it. All input will be greatly received. Many thanks, T.
  5. Psystar also used to sell them, but i notice that sites is not up anymore....
  6. How are you finding your new EP45T-USB3P? It has to be, and is for me, the very best Socket 775 mother board out there! Now all I need to do is get OSX running on, sweet!
  7. Skype suck. I shopped around and tried loads of Voip providers and they all fell short on service, value or both. I finally found SipGate, and have been with them for 2-3 years now. Check them out, I highly recommend them. http://www.sipgate.com (US) http://www.sipgate.co.uk (UK) Hope this helps. T.