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    GMA X4500

    Ok did as you described. Only file left after patch was : 2a42AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. So i did not deleted this file. After reboot, nothing changed. resolution still 1024 x 768. Info about the video card the same. Now deleted the 2a42appleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. Nothing changed. Same story. Display: Type Display Bus built in Vram (total) 64 mb of shared memory Vendor : Intel (0x8086) Device id : 0X2a42 Revision id 0x0007 Kernel extension info : No kext loaded. (reso 1024 x 768) Tried again the patch as described above. Now deleted the 2a42AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. after patch (did not reinstall the os). Same story. as above. Thought let me try the 2a42AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext from Trauma. Did install via Kexthelper. After reboot screen goes black. Computer reponds, but screen is black (not off btw) At the moment i install osx fresh (ideneb 10.5.6), will try the patch without the 10.5.7 update.
  2. Maccie

    GMA X4500

    Hello all. Thanks for your great work so far! Here come's the but. I have an Lenovo W500 (laptop 1680 x 1050 ) So far i get a little stuck. (using ideneb 10.5.7) What did i do : download the Trauma's Archive (GMA_4500v2). And runned the patch as it is installed with the package. Nothing more, nothing less (was confused about the kext's files in it, but ok i didnt see anything about it in the readme). After a reboot, bleuscreen pops away, and then a black screen (or screen went of) and then its over. i'm now reinstallting the os again (5th time ) What im wondering is, do i miss steps in this ? I read the topic, but it confuse me a little. I see kexts from Trauma, other kexts, patch files. What is the best way to do in my case ?
  3. Maccie

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    trying to get the drivers to setup an Lenovo w500. But cant reach them at the moment. Page not found after a while. More people has this issue, or is my internet connection f...ed up ?
  4. Maccie

    Dell Mobile Broadband card 550*

    would be great if this is working on my D820. See the same as above in system profiler.
  5. Maccie

    Successful Dell Latitude D820 Install

    Is there an patch /fix for the wrong cpu speed ? I have an D820 1.83. System profiler shows : 1ghz
  6. Got it working. Reinstall did the trick. Profiler shows 1.2 ghz. So the software downgraded the laptop with +/- 600 mhz.
  7. Did the steps on my 630. And its working a little Strange thing is, when i reboot. After the blue screen, the laptop screens goes off. I can attach a monitor, and see the screen (not mirroring). When i press FN-ESC the laptop goes in standby. When pushing the power button, the laptop comes back, and then the screen is working on the laptop. Also noticed when i put the laptop in standby and back online, that the keyboard is f....d up. I need to put an external usb keyboard to type. More people having this issue ? And perhaps someone an solution ? thanks!
  8. Maccie

    Broadcom BCM5752 [14e4:1600]

    I'm having an Latitude D820. And also this problem.. after a few webpages... panic. Is there already an solution for this ?