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  1. The Hackintosh: Delivered

    If you really believe that no one should profit (to derive benefit) off the work of another then shouldn't you also believe that no one should deny another the profit from their work ( as the user of this forum are doing )?
  2. Sync GCal with iCal - "Spanning Sync" Beta

    I have been using SpanningSync for some time now and it works well. Setup is very easy and one can sync multiple iCal calendars to a single or multiple Google Calendars. This might be related to OCSP and certificates. Go into Preferences in Keychain. Select the Certificates tab and turn off OCSP.
  3. Did Santa look like Steve Jobs this year?

    A blue 4GB iPod nano. An iPod Universal Dock. iPod nano lanyard headphones. And a $101 Apple gift card with which I bought an Apple Wireless keyboard and Wireless Mighty Mouse. Parallels Desktop for Mac.
  4. Leopard leaks... again.

    I was responding to comments here about people going through all kings of stupid hoops to get OS-X to work on hardware it was never intended for. Kind of like taking a Honda Civic replacing the engine, chassis, drive train, seats and spending thousands of dollars etc all in in attempt to get it to perform like a Ferrari. At the end of the day it's still just a Civic. And for your information I have been speaking English ( not American ) for over 3 decades.
  5. Leopard leaks... again.

    I am a application developer come application security professional and software instability and security are incompatible.