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  1. Full Hardware Acceleration for GMA3150 - could it be done?

    Ummm the link does not work. Can You paste it in clear text form? I cant locate any post with this link nor here nor on osx86.net ;(
  2. GA-G31M-ES2L

    I have e2sl (rev1.0) and core2 duo ~3ghz (don't remember which one). My graphic card is radeon hd 3650 from gigabyte Can You recommend me a good tutorial (can be from usb or dvd) to install lion (got 10.7.0? retail) on it but WITHOUT using an mac or vmware? I have only win7 computer.
  3. Hello! i have Acer Travelmate 2200 (2201LC) with: Celeron (D?) 2,66 GHz 1,2 GB ram Ati Mobility 9000/9100 IGP chipset: Ati id 5833 ( id5833 ) south bridge ATI SB200 If this maters y disk is partitioned in that way: 1. ~2 GB fat32 "compaq utilities" 2. 18 GB win xp, ntfs (i cant touch this part) 3. 18 GB clean, unused, formatted as HFS+ I recently got iDeneb v1.4 Leopard 10.5.6 No matter how i try (-v, lub -v -x) the installer hangs or shows "Still waiting for root device". Looking and changing BIOS settings is not very helpful - i can see there BIG NOTHING (not like normal pc class computer bios with frequency, disk, acpi, s.m.a.r.t and everything else setting). I have seen many tutorials how to deal with driver problem AFTER succesful instalation (and found zero about this before) Is there any distro with those sb200 drivers? or not-so-hard way to add them into install dvd? and "printscreen" of this: