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    Firefox & Safari

    I did a verify disk everything is fine and safari is 5.0.2. I just want the downlaods not to cut out on firefox. I think it only does it when i use rapidshare.com but also idk about safari what was that about?
  2. Hey Guys. So i love firefox and i installed it right away without using safari. Anyways, i started to use safari the other day and i liked it. So i transferred my bookmarks and uninstalled firefox. I have 2 issues though, one on firefox and one on safari. 1. On Firefox when im downloading files, i have only seen it on rapidshare, my cousin uploaded a picture album and i wanted to download it. I noticed while it was downloading that the time left became --:-- and the download speed was the same. A couple of seconds passed and it was back to normal it kept doing it consistent, it said it would take like 10 minutes but it took like 30 between those "pauses". What's the exact word and is there a way to fix it, can someone explain to me what that is. I tried googling but i have no idea what to write. 2. (This is the problem with safari now) I was browsing normally, i reset safari and cleared the cache. I went on all the sites with logins and saved the password (facebook,twitter,insanelymac, etc.) Everything was loading normally and i shut safari, command tab q. I loaded it up and i went to amazon.com, i have it as a bookmark menu item and all of a sudden it took me to myspace.com. I was like wtf. So i shut safari, tried again same thing. Cleared cache and reset safari and same thing i logged off same thing. So i shut the mac down for a bit and then it was loading normally. What happened? Virus? Thanks, Maiden
  3. Maiden

    Increase Partition Size?

    I just installed windows 7 on my mac via boot camp and i may need more gb. If i do how can i increase the partition size without deleting and re adding the partition. Thanks Guys.
  4. Maiden

    Starcraft 2

    yea i just bought and it runs fine on 10.6.4 and im running everything high on 1680x1050 resolution it gets a little choppy online but if anything lower the resolution it's barable, if anyone was wondering. and yes the game is amazing.
  5. Maiden

    Starcraft 2

    are u running with the same specs as mine??
  6. Maiden

    Starcraft 2

    wait what?? it won't run on snow leopard??
  7. Maiden

    Starcraft 2

    Can i run starcraft 2 on what settings and resolution with these specs : Macbook Pro 17" Intel i7 Processor 2.66 GHz 1 Processor 2 Cores Nvidia GeForce GT 330M 512 MB of Ram 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 500 GB HD Thanks Guys, this is the new macbook pro model obviously because of the i7
  8. is there anything else that can just burn all the file types including mkv?? if there isnt i have to convert from mkv then use visual hub. it turns in such a pain that's why i like convertxtodvd. ill look for one. Thanks
  9. i tried visual hub it didnt work like i went to burn a movie mkv to a dvd and it did some of it and the end result was very bad quality choppy and what not.
  10. so i got 4media dvd copy and i was succesfully able to make a direct copy of sin city trying out borat now, if it works then i don't need DVDfab anymore i just need something like convertxtodvd can roxio toast titanium do what covertxtodvd does???
  11. Again u didn't read what i wrote so im done talking to you. Stop argueing with me and trying to make seem like ur right. It is paralells and not what i did in onyx. If i kill a paralells process and it shut downs like normally then im pretty sure it's parallels.
  12. i use handbrake u can't make an exact copy of a dvd and convertxtodvd, is a program where u can take a video file and burn it to a dvd. i have bothe handbrake and vlc.
  13. uhh why don't people read what i write..... sorry for being like this but if u read u would have known.... if u read i said that I reinstalled MAC and after doing so i figured out that the reason why the shutdown was being slow was because of parallels and i didn't even have to reinstall mac. Once i killed the process it shutdown in 3 seconds like usual. It's parallels and from what i've seen other people experienced the same problem.
  14. Title says it all. Is there any applications for mac that work and just as good as 1. DVDFab 2. Convertxtodvd. In order for the program to work like DVDFab it has to be able to decrypt DVDs, like movies i bought. This would be a huge help so i can get rid of parallels and can have my mac shutdown in 3 seconds instead of 20. Thanks
  15. Wait, hold on im talking about the shutdown speed when shutting down on mac. If i do that and install programs would it affect how fast the mac side shuts down?? Sorry for the confusion.