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  1. Hi insanelymac, yesterday i started searching for a laptop for playing wow wc3 editing in photoshop etc, and then i realized; maybe i should get a mac? but my collegemoney can't really afford that glorious machine so my last aid resides in you, insanelymac. Do any of you know of an affordable pretty good laptop were mac os x runs perfectly?
  2. Hardware installation

    thanks so much! im going to try this know!
  3. Hardware installation

    Bump, please, i just need a link or a description of how i will install it,
  4. Hardware installation

    Thanks for the reply! yes i guess i could try to install 10.5.2 and then upgrade it does'nt sound too hard. but is it easy to install on a SATA HD and will it work if i have the DVD on IDE? and i'm pretty much a noob at patching and installing new kernels on the install dvd, wich should i install and how?
  5. Hi insanelymac forum, I have recently bought a new machine and thought i should install Mac on it, the installation disc i used was "iDeneb 10.6 1058 lite edition". My first try resulted in the "waiting for root device" problem after the installation, and at that point, my HD was connected trough IDE (and my DVD was and still is connected trough IDE) but now i have a SATA II HD, and now that i try to install it on a secondary partition on my new HD i got nothing, just a black screen without loading anything at all. My Hardware specs are as following: CPU: AMD Phenom X4 945 Motherboard: MSI 770-C45 RAM: Kingston DDR3 2043Mbytes X2 GPU: Radeon HD 4890 so is there a special version i could try or some settings i should try?
  6. so, Spank me if i'm incorrect, but is it possible to install it Within Vmware, (witch i have done and it booted properly thanks to this guide ), And then Boot the REAL (the Real HD (Not within VMWare)) !!!!!
  7. DVD launches, then Reboot

    hmm, so you think the problem is becouse of unsupported hardware?, what should i disable then?, the mouse, or some Usbconnected things?, or dvd reader, or something else?
  8. DVD launches, then Reboot

    It's been three days, and no reply?
  9. DVD launches, then Reboot

    I have searched trough the forums, but the only thing related to my problem, is not solved, so if anyone has ever fixed this, using other methods then S.M.A.R.T Disabling, or Cd-Master settings, then please, Reply!
  10. DVD launches, then Reboot

    I have a DVD +R 8x wich i burned Mac86 into, and it worked perfectly well with other computers
  11. So, i've got this problem that really bugs me, when i try to boot the installation DVD (don't matter wich one (Jas, Upchuck E.t.c)) Then i get the normal options in the beginning; press F8 to..., well you get the point, But when i press Enter or -v or something else, it just shows a bunch of codes, maybe five or six lines of codes, and then the computer automaticly reboots, So i wont even get to the installation Does anyone ever had this problem before, and if so, Have you ever fixed it? My specs are: Motherboard:Fujitsu Siemens (Model; D1627-C, Chipset; i865p/PE/G/i848P) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (Code Name; Prescott) Memory:DDR 512 Mb (2 256Megabytes) Graphiccard:ATI Radeon x1600 (512 Megabyte) (it's not becouse of the DVD it fails, i have tryed it on other machines, and it runs well)
  12. your favorite song/artist(s).

    Mrbungle!, And maybe Albert marcoeur... Bet you don't know about the last band:)
  13. [Random] 9999 Replies

    MMMMCLXV or 4565
  14. so i can't install in any way macosx via vmware?, even if install on a real hd?