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  1. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I just want to say your the best. I didn't think it was going to work, but I follow your steps down to the T and restarted my HP Dv6 Pavillion and it worked. I did have to do some research on how to use the Hex Editor to find and locate those device ID's/ Thanks pal I normally don't respond or mention any comments, but I feel when someone like age_sabres18, to give us assistance. He should be thanked. Now for those who are having some diffculites, I can only mention some of the diffculites I was having. 1. I found using this site to covert decimal to Hex and hex to decimal, may be of use to you all. http://easycalculation.com/hex-converter.php (and) http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-h...-converter.html You need to also grab your audio device id from system profiler and with that information, use one of the sites I provided so it can covert it to decimat. Here a tip: remove the 0x in front when inserting the your device ID. 2. Ok, when you download the Hex editor and you navigate to applehda.kext/contents/macos/applehda. Don't make the mistake I did, I spent an hour trying to understand why I couldn't find B0761D11. When you select find, you have to search like this b0 76 1d 11. Now that is clear out the way, my device id for my Intel High Definition audio is 0x103c144c, so I replaced b0 76 1d 11 with 4c 14 3c 10. It may differ with your system. Now age, this were I had most of the problem. After I entered my entries, I was not able to save it. It first told me I didn't rights to save, so I gave my read and write to the entire extension folder and also within the applehda. However, the problem still occur, whenever I would try to save it. My workaround, I made the correction (inserting my device ID) then I saved the applehda to the desktop. I then copied it back into s/l/e/ applehda.kext/contents/macos. Steps 3 and 4, I had to install show all files, so I can see the plist for both Open AppleHDA.kext/contents/info.plist and Open AppleHDA.kext/contents/plugins/AppleHDAController.kext/contents/info.plist. On step 4, I was debating if I should use 0x293e8086 I didn't know which device id under IOPCIPrimaryMatch I should use. I end up using 0x293e8086. That all folks. Once again thanks age, now I have to do a backup, can't afford to do all this again...