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  1. [Guide] SurfacePro 1 & 2 Osx-Android-Windows multiboot

    I would be willing to bet that the reason it is slow is because of a cache error. If you run kext utility do you get a system cache error? It will say something like "Error Timeout 120 seconds." I would try to delete any kexts that you manually put in there as well as any backups that are in your extensions folder, and they reinstall them using the kext utility and see if you get the system cache error again.
  2. [Guide] SurfacePro 1 & 2 Osx-Android-Windows multiboot

    What boot flags are you using?
  3. [Guide] SurfacePro 1 & 2 Osx-Android-Windows multiboot

    (For SurfacePro2 OSX) This guide really needs to be updated. I am am experienced osx user and it took me three times to get the install to take. Prepping the drive is good, but the rest needs work. First off, for those who want to dual boot windows and mac, there are additional steps you must take BEFORE you install Mac, otherwise clover WILL NOT INSTALL. You also DO NOT have to wipe your windows partition!! Simply download a partition program in windows, I used Easeus Partition Master. Once it loads, you should see several partitions in there. 1. Delete all the partitions except for the one labeled EFI and your main windows partition. Apply the change. Now you should see an EFT partition, some unallocated space, and then your windows partition. NOTE!! At this point Clover will still not install, so don't try 2. resize the efi partition to take up all the space before your windows partition. This is one of the most important steps. Apply the change, and reboot (if you dont do this right you will have to run a windows repair from a live windows USB installer.) 3. Assuming all goes well and you are booted back into windows, go into your stock hard drive manager (Right click this pc, then click Manage, then look for disk managment,) Right click your windows partition and shrink it. Format the new space as NTFS, and follow the "to install on the surface pro 2" guide. 4. Once you are installed and you have used the terminal to copy the texts and kernel to where they need to be, reboot back into clover, keep pushing your arrow button until you get to the little options icon at the bottom. NOT CLOVER OPTIONS!! find where it says boot flags and change those to -v -f dart=0 (dart=0 is only on certain versions of the s2, so you may not need it.) Hit enter, return, and boot into your mac for the first time. 5. Once you are in, the only way that it will boot like it is supposed to is to delete all of the kexts that you copied over during the install. Delete those, then reinstall them with the kext utility. My SP2 would not run right at all until I did this!! 6. Install any extra kexts thru kext utility ONLY!!!! 7. Reboot, do the option things again, only this time use -v Dart=0, should fire right up . Mine boots up in 3 seconds flat and runs like a top!! 8. Install clover to your internal EFI partition if you would like to. This has been discussed in other areas, so I am not going into the specifics, but the important part is that if you did steps 1-3 right, you will be able to install clover and go about your business. Hope this helps some poor soul to install OSX on their Surface Pro 2!!
  4. The NSPanel Thread

    For whatever reason when I go to open the nib's to edit, there is no window or anything to edit in interface builder, just file's owner, file responder, and application. Am I doing something wrong here? I browsed through one of the nib's that have been uploaded here and they pull up fine, with the windows showing and everything. Any tips? Thanks, Robert
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    This is my baby, took awhile to get all of the goodies working, but well worth it!! The menubar is transparent but for whatever reason you can't really tell in the screenshot. This is a better pic. FinderScreenSnapz002.pdf
  6. 300 mbps Wifi e/ PCI-E Mini or USB

    nobody knows?
  7. 300 mbps Wifi e/ PCI-E Mini or USB

    I have a dell laptop with the dreaded 5100 card, and I am looking to get wifi working. I have found adapters up to 150 but no 300's. Are there any out there that work? I would love to use one of these if possible, but I dont want to buy one to end up in the same boat I am in now with wifi not working. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16839315002 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16839156001 Also is there a DSDT patch how to somewhere? My sleep is not working and I would like to change the brightness of my laptop as well. Thanks, Robert
  8. Chameleon Won't Load My Theme

    I tried everything and it still didn't work, then I decided to just install rc4 instead of rc5, and it worked, oh well. All good now, triple boot, custom icons. Everything but the 5100 wifi card, lol. Thanks for the help though, Robert
  9. I have Chameleon installed on my triple boot system. My problem is that I can't get any of the themes to take. I made a folder called "Theme" in my Extra folder along with a folder called "My_Theme" and inside it is the folder containing the theme I want to run. In chameleon's options, I select boot theme, then type in My_Theme, and select Use GUI, the only other thing i have enabled is boot banner. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Robert