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    loaded osx leopard iatkos but

    I too was having a similar issue after much trial and error I realized that I could select a boot device from my start up screen. I didn't want to risk harming my primary OS. I have three drives and can choose from my bios whether I want to boot from a CD/DVD or any of the three hard drives. When I power on my PC I have quick start disabled and i just hit F11 to choose my boot device. I installed iAtkos Version 7 10.5.7 I don't know what your system is like but that is how I operate mine. Hope that helps you somehow, I'm no pro but I'm learning after each mistake I make.
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    Help with Dual-Screen desktop backgrounds please!

    Awesome post this is very helpful I have just recently installed iAtkos V7 and it works 100% after many tries. I now am running dual monitors as well at 1600x900 each monitor. In windows 7 I use Display fusion so I will search the internet to see if there are any applications like that for the mac.