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  1. Help Dudes! I've reinstalled Iatkos v7 10.5.7 for like 40 times without any vga driver. I get to finish the installation and everything but i can't make CI/QE to work in my 8500 GT graphics card and it only detects like 32mb of Vram. By the way, i only have one monitor which is plugged into the VGA Port. I've tried the EFIstudio but it doesn't work for me and always gives my a black screen. I've tried Nvkush, nvenabler, nvdarwin and all of those kexts but nothing happens, it just makes a name for my video card in the system profiler. I once tried the OSX86 Tools and added the a custom GFX string of my card then my computer only shows 800x600 resolution. and i don't think it had QE/CI enabled. Please help! If you could give me steps that are for newbs please reply.