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  1. I have my TV via HDMI, but without it, it is the same issue. I remember that with 10.7.1, I also experienced this issue with restart/shutdown, and it had to do with what App I was doing Kext cache/permission rebuild... it was very weird... Also, in 10.7.1, I was getting a black screen with the Apple logo at the corner, now I do not get that screen... how relevant is that screen?
  2. Hi Fabio, No, I already tested with default and it is the same. This problem started after one of the Kext Rebuild/Permissions.... I have seen fixes for SnowLeopard online (shutdown/restart fix), but not yet for Lion... Thanks
  3. That did not make any difference. If I Restart or ShutDown from Lion, the screen goes black and even my monitor goes to standby, BUT my actual system is still ON, hangs.... Thanks
  4. I think running Recrendae and then Kext Wizard fixed my issue. I still have a minor problem, Lion cannot Restart or Shutdown my computer. What would be the best way to fix this? Thanks!
  5. 1. I reinstalled 10.7.1 -> (boots ok with npci=0x2000) @ 1024x768 2. I updated Chameleon with Chameleon Wizard -> (boots ok with npci=0x2000) @ 1024x768 3. I updated to 10.7.2 using Combo ->(boots ok with npci=0x2000) @ 1024x768 4. I ran Kext Wizard (Permissions and Cache for S/L/E) -> BAD!!!! I started to get panic screen after the Kext Rebuild Now I can only boot with: -f Why is the Kext rebuilding/permissions breaking my Lion? //Update: 5. I ran Recreandae, I get no Panic, but still I need the "-f" to boot 6. I ran Kext Wizard (Permission and Cache for Both EXTRA and S/L/E) -> SUCCESS!!! (boots ok with npci=0x2000) @ 1024x768 7. I added my DeviceID for GeForce 560Ti, then Kext Wizard (Permission and Cache for Both EXTRA and S/L/E) -> SUCESS (boots with npci=0x2000 at full 1080p) Pending Issues: a. Lion cannot Restart or Shutdown my PC. b. I was hoping 10.7.2 would fix my DVD drive, but not =(
  6. Yes, using MacDrive 9, SInce I could not do it from Ubuntu... Anyway, I will reinstall Lion...
  7. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    After upgrading to Lion 10.7.2, I added again my DeviceID (1200), and then I ran Kext Utility... after that Lion does not launch. It gets stuck at the "grey apple screen". Verbose screen passes with no issues. Any idea? Thanks
  8. Not working... By the way, while I am at the "gray screen with Apple logo at center), I can hear my Hard Drive, and also the CPU Fan increases, which means High CPU Usage... but it hangs there.. I have to manually restart...
  9. It did not work. I transferred fakesmc from E/E to S/L/E, and then boot -f -v ... and the same results... I get stuck at the grey apple screen. I guess I will have to reinstall 10.7.1 ... so what is the correct way to upgrade? Thanks
  10. Lion 10.7.2 Not launching... I upgraded from 10.7.1 to 10.7.2, then it seemed to work, but I was getting 1024x768... so I added my DeviceID for my GPU, and then I ran Kext Utility... after this, Lion does not start anymore... I ran a Verbose boot, and everything pass, but it gets stuck at the Grey screen with the Apple Logo... Fabio, can you help me... What can I do? Thanks
  11. DVD Drive (sata) Read Problems. I finally reinstalled Lion on its own Drive. Everything seems to work fine, and I am getting good performance. However, as I told Fabio a few days ago I have problems with my DVD Drive. Today for first day I tried to install some software via DVD and it just did not work... it shows errors like if the DVD was corrupt, also every time I burn it shows error at data validation, and the DVD drive just dies randomly (only turning off PC brings the DVD unit back). Does anybody have issues with the DVD drive? Thanks!
  12. Fermi Graphics Power Management

    Assuming your GeForce is already recognized, just use this info.plist that goes into your AGPM kext. But we aware that my thresholds are only for testing/benchmarking since they enforce it to stay mostly in G-state 0. I have not done anything else, besides tweaking the AGPM and adding my device ID... AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext.zip
  13. Fermi Graphics Power Management

    Well, I disabled those CPU features when I was overclocking, and those features are actually for saving "power"; SpeedStep is just to change the CPU multiplier, but in Windows that means CPU is running at full multiplier and No-Power-savings... Somehow OSX does not see it the same way and prefers to just use the lowest multiplier... So, what would be the best (recommended) Thresholds? the ones you are using? Thanks! Hi, what files exactly do you want me to test?
  14. Fermi Graphics Power Management

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I was able to find my performance issue. It was in the BIOS! . I had SpeedStep and C-State Disabled. By enabling SpeedStep I gained almost all the performance, and the C-State gave me a little bit more!