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  1. TouchMyBox

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    I've done both, despite stalling there, it still boots up oddly. with the npci, it just works as normal, but no flash, games, video etc.
  2. TouchMyBox

    Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    I'm using istat menus It tells you a rough reading of your CPU volage, speedstep for me means 0.89 V when idle. After waking it stays at 1.26 V
  3. TouchMyBox

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Just tried that, no dice... Do you just have the spinning wheel during the grey apple boot screen? I don't in verbose mode, it just stalls at PCI Configuration Begin, but oddly enough, it boots up a few moments later which no additional messages. edit: I tried using npci=0x2000, and it gives me the spinning thing, but it doesn't help any.
  4. TouchMyBox

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    So how come a blank graphics mode entry for you guys allows you to get 3D an video playback, but it does jack all for me and my GTX 580? I've followed the steps in this thread to a T with no luck.
  5. TouchMyBox

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    So does anybody have a 5870 working with displayport in lion? If so, how? I have a reference 5870 and I can only use DVI, and i have to replug in the DVI cable every time I boot. :\
  6. TouchMyBox

    Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    I have this, also, when awaking, my speedstep stops working. :\
  7. TouchMyBox

    Windows file sharing - Guest access

    I'm getting this too, ever find a fix?
  8. heh, turned out my m-audio soundcard was causing a kernel panic that I wasn't able to see...
  9. TouchMyBox

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Nice, this worked with my GTX 580, but when I went to play portal 2, it locked up my machine with graphical artifacts everywhere. Put in my 5870 and it worked fine.
  10. Hi all, so I upgraded to lion from 10.6.8 and I can't for the life of me get my 5870 to work properly. It works great if I boot up in safe mode, but if I boot up regularly, I can get nothing via displayport, and a blue screen via DVI and only if both are plugged in at the same time, I tried both graphicsenabler yes and no and it doesn't seem to make a difference. the 5870 is a reference model, Can anybody nudge me in the right direction to get a proper signal and QE/CI? Thanks.