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  1. My trackpad is working fine, but it is still not recognized in "System Preferences". Normally I would be ok with this, but I would like to be able to select a trackpad tap to be a click. I hesitate to swap drivers in fear that it won't work at all. Are there any suggestions on routes to take? Thanks in advance.
  2. Windows Vista RTM

    Hmm, installed vista rtm on new macbook c2d. But now I can't seem to get back into OS X....hmmm. ut yes, after installing the apple driver cd, and connecting to the net for windows to get drivers, everything but ctrl-click is working for me. Any ideas on how to force it not to go to the windows side?Thanks. Dary23
  3. Got dual boot, OS X Vista working

    I'm glad to hear that you got aero working on your macbook with 1GB of ram and core duo. I was also curious of this as my macbook is in the mail and should be here any day (2GB RAM, 2.0 C2D).
  4. migration assistant!

    I used it from my Mac mini to my hackintosh laptop. It had one of the smaller IEEE 1394 ports. It worked just as smooth as from mac to mac.
  5. Well I downloaded a torrent for Aperture that had a "no-hardware" crack in it. It basically just removes the hardware checking script at the begininning of the installer. The upgrade from 10.4.6 to .8 has the various security fixes from apple blah blah blah. You can upgrade to 10.4.8 without having to change the stabilty of your machine (kexts, kernel, etc) you'll just have to look for the JAS combo update torrent. But the reason that I was most excited about the true 10.4.8 update (8.8.1 kernel and up) was the fact that we now have new kernels available from semthex. Now to run these kernels you need to have atleast 10.4.8. The main reason for me to want to move to the new kernel is Titan. With this new kext and kernel, I (along with many other nVidia graphics users) now have CI/QE and full resolution! Woohoo! In my opinion though (due to corrupt iso's, compatibilty issues, etc) if you don't need to, I would not upgrade to the true 10.4.8 JAS reseed DVD. If you have all of your components working just fine, then just download the combo for securities sake. I got greedy and wanted CI/QE and that was the only reason for my move. Good luck. Dary23
  6. Dell D620 Video and Dell Wireless

    Just confirming that this is correct. I have the same laptop and everything is working but my sigmatel card. Dary23
  7. OSX Server to OSX

    You could always just boot into your os x install dvd then go to utilities choose disk utility and erase the disc. Then once it's done, close disk utilty and you should be able to install just fine. Good luck. Dary23
  8. Donations to Jas please

    Great news, I can't wait! The previous torrent has been hell for me......Congrats on the new Mac Pro, you much deserve it!
  9. Upgrading kernel

    Was curious of the same thing. I had the same version as you. The ONLY reason I wanted to update the kernel was to get QE/CI enabled on my nVidia card with titan. I know that running the update is possible with that script after you have 8.8.1, but to get to this point is where myself and I'm guessing trav are needing to get to. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dary23
  10. nebukadnezar k19 fixing security flaw

    Thanks Semthex! Much appreciated and will be updating tonight. Dary23
  11. I just finished downloading the revised 10.4.8 by jas with the updated kernel (am currently on 10.4.8 with old kernel). I too had to use the cpus=1 in the plist, and now curious of the same thing. I will be re-installing tonight, and will report back if it works for me at least and all my system specs. I will be stoked if it does work! Dary23
  12. Anyway to run BootCamp on a non-apple pc?

    I too realize that there are other methods of dual booting, and am currently using the Darwin boot loader which works just beautifully. The only thing that I would like is the eye candy that boot camp brings along. IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU COULD JUST EXTRACT THE PARTITIONER AND BOOT LOADER (sorry about the caps) from boot camp and just use those. Not actually install boot camp, but use the boot loader with all the gui goodness. Just my 2c. Dary23