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  1. HWSensors

    Hello kozlek it's me again.I have a problem with the latest version.See the image below.
  2. HWSensors

    Hello kozlek it's me again.I really love new changes in HWSensors but I have difficulties with the latest GPUSensors.kext (radeon HD5770) I have to remove GPUSensors.kext to boot normally. But overall everything is OK
  3. HWSensors

    I currently use HWSensors.5.2.725 and everything works fine.Somewhere after .725 is the problem
  4. HWSensors

    Kozlek thanks for fix.Now I can build project file with several warnings but everything seem ok But after restart kexts do not want to load and I can't boot.Only solution is to re-install.
  5. HWSensors

    Here is my debug form latest revision.I hope that can help you. 1/10/13 3:50:13.000 PM kernel[0]: RadeonSensors (pci1@0): found ATI Radeon 0x68b8 1/10/13 3:50:13.000 PM kernel[0]: RadeonSensors (pci1@0): ATOMBIOS detected 1/10/13 3:50:13.000 PM kernel[0]: RadeonSensors (pci1@0): ATOM BIOS: JUNIPER 1/10/13 3:50:13.000 PM kernel[0]: RadeonSensors (pci1@0): [Warning] thermal sensor type not specified using default configuration
  6. HWSensors

    p.H You can build it from project file.
  7. HWSensors

    With the latest version I lost my values for CPU Heatsink, Nortbridge and Ambient.Before to update my plugins I have used commit 982e18f61f. from Sep 07, 2012. How to fix that ? //Edit Thank you for fix.With current version everything works fine
  8. HWSensors

    My bad now I understand.Thank for your help. Here is modified Info.plist for Z68X-UD3H-B3 boards and for IT8728F i/o chips.Please can you add this to project Z68X-UD3H-B3.zip HWMonitor for OSX HWMonitor for Windows As you can see no there is no difference.Only I'm not sure about Auxiliary 3V but both programs shows same value.Maybe VCC3 is not Auxiliary 3V I don't know
  9. HWSensors

    Ok, I will try to explain.It's not big deal for me I only want to fix my voltage values.I follow your guide in post #264 where you explain how to fix voltage values.So first step was take Dump from HWMonitor in windows, to find out sensors names. Second step that I did it was to set names for each sensor in IT8728F Dictionary, because I need to get Vraw value form HWMonitor from OSX, which I will need later.When I did this I loose all voltage sensors and also some temperature sensors.Ineed to delete the entireIT8728F Dictionary order to have some voltage values in hwmonitor.app I think there's problem with sensor detection. Thanks for your patience
  10. HWSensors

    Kozlek so you can't help me with this issue.
  11. HWSensors

    New interface of HWMonitor is awesome.Thank you Kozlek for hard work I really appreciate it. You make great thinks for Hackintosh scene.
  12. After I updated to 10.7.4 I have this eror: OpenCL ERROR: clBuildProgram Before 10.7.4 everything works fine
  13. HWSensors

    Thank you kozlek for hard work.You are great. I want to ask you a little question.I have radeon HD 5770 and I use RadeonX plugin for showing GPU-Core tem but this plugin only show core tem. I want also to show gpu core speed, memory speed and fan load.Is this possible? Other kext's that I use :
  14. One question. Why OS X 10.7 Lion is so small ? Snow Leopard was 6.5 GB but Lion is only 3.7 GB.