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  1. Sign me up too, I'm very interested!
  2. I get into the reboot loop when booting the DVD the first time, I see this screen screen and then it reboots. I used the image from the original Hazard site, so that shouldn't be the problem. I'll try different kernels and when that fails another distro.
  3. Hi fellow InsanelyMac members, I recently built my own PC and I want to install Snow Leopard on it (Big Surprise!). The components are: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Asus M4A79XTD EVO MoBo ATI Radeon Saphire HD5770 4 GB RAM The processor and motherboard shouldn't form a problem as there's one guy in the HCL with the same setup. He used Hazards distro, so I tried to do the same. It boots up, I can see some boot up screens and then it reboots again. Any idea what I'm doing wrong, it's probably something very newbish. Should I use another distro? Do I need to format? Thanks in advance!