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  1. Ok.. I'll try it & reporting back later.. thanks
  2. Yes, maybe you're right. Perhaps I have no hope in Yosemite so I'd have to stay on Mavericks in this machine, before I can buy a new system. Actually I hate Mavericks on my system now, for it's Finder is so slow. So annoying that I have to replace it's duty with 3rd party app called PathFinder, which is better, but still it's not the same good experience I had with Snow Leopard. Perhaps it's also because my system is too old already for any OS Xs newer than Snow Leopard.
  3. I don't understand,..I dont think it's the matter of what Graphic Card's port my monitor connected. My monitor is connected to my Graphic Card's DVI port now, but the result was just the same.
  4. Yes I know. I typed "this my exactly same machine..." was refer to how my same machine were succesful to hackintoshing all the OS X versions since Snow Leopard, but the 10.10, and how I even use the same machine to type this right now on Mavericks . Now, will the guide in the link you gave works for me? since it's specifically for your type of board. (but I'll still check it out and perhaps also try it later anyway).
  5. I'm more fortunate than you actually, because this my exactly same machine (Intel Core 2Duo E7300 @2.66, Asus P5KPL SE, Asus EN8400GS 512M) have been succesful when I hackintoshed it since 2009, from 10.6, 10.7,10.8,10.9, various method tried, almost all were succed, although I opt to do 'the retail method'. In fact, it is smoothly running on 10.9.5 now. The trouble is only with 10.10 a.k.a. Yosemite, and I'm curious, because I think logically it should be smooth too. But thank you for the link, anyway. I'll check it out later.
  6. Thank You for all the reply,..sorry to reply late, and it's still not a good news yet With the monitor connected to the DVI port, the result was just the same.. ------------------------ I think I don't need to do it since now I connect my monitor to the Graphic Card's DVI port. But nice info anyway, thanks. -------------------------------- The machine doesn't 'stop' like that, man..it was just goes blank on the screen now after all the 'text prompt finish scrolling'... (no input, said my monitor)
  7. My monitor is now connected to the "VGA port" of the Graphic Card. OK,..I'll try to connect the monitor to the Graphic Card's "DVI Port", but before that, I have to find my old VGA to DVI adapter first, I forget where did I store it last time I'll be reporting later.
  8. You know what,..I've tried it for about five times, but it's really not easy to capture the (last) images on the screen with my camera, as at the very last text (just before it goes blank), it was scrolling and only last for 1 second or so, before the screen goes blank (where "no input", said my monitor..now it was not restarted, instead it was just stay blank like that). I'll try again my best luck to be able to trigger my camera button (to capture) at that very last text line.
  9. wait.. the first try I didn't took the pictures, I was just gonna try it once again with my camera ready (too bad only my cell phone camera).. but this second try, the result was different,.. my pc wasn't self restarted, instead it stopped at the black screen blank without any activities... I'd try it again...sorry this is the same pc I use for typing this... (anyway, big thanks, I really glad & appreciate your attention to help me here)....wait, I'll try & reporting again ASAP
  10. I have tried it. Same result. even if I added -v -f flags along with GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 ... it's the same...it was not frozen, it was restart,.. Before restart, on the screen was this contoured grey wallpaper: .png (will be added) Before that contoured gray wallpaper, the last of the scrolling text prompt of the process was like this: .png any more clue?
  11. Thanks, but.. Last time I used Clover, they didn't bring me further than when I used Chameleon. I've been used to Chameleon for long time, so I think I'd better stay with it. I strongly think it's not because Chameleon nor Clover vs Chameleon problem. I also already tried the nv_disable=1 flag, although with the chameleon..result is the same as before. My motherboard/system doesn't have internal graphic I also think I had tried the flag PCIRootUID=1 before, also the GraphicsEnabler=Yes but I'll try them again later and tell you what happen.
  12. They don't work either still the same symptom