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  1. thank you!... i really don´t have idea how to apply them... but before study ... i would like to ask you if re-install the distro on the laptop, is there any chance to get ps2 keyb and trackpad to turn on?... i remember on Iatkos installation, user was been able to configure distro for the pc.... i can imagine it is the same for niresh.. what do you think? (i mean, before start installation of niresh, i could enable the support for ps2 trackpad and key)..
  2. .Hi all i´m a mac user, i have a mac mini with ML running well.. but i don´t have knowledge about hackintosh, my friend wants to install Niresh on its laptop Samsung Ultrabook Series 5 Ultra... well, we have installed it successfully, but it won´t recognize keyboard and trackpad... osx only works with usb keyb and mouse... how can i fix it??.. as you can see, is not a good idea to carry usb keyb and mouse everywhere you want to go with your laptoc Thank you!!
  3. Install was successful but does't boot

    hm.. did you eject iatkos´s dvd before restart?.... Greetings.
  4. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    Have you tried to install over Windows 7, (that will crush MBR), then repair MacOs ?.. that will not erase your MacOs partition´s content..
  5. Hi... Sometimes Snow Leopard 10.6.3 shows me a little dark transparent window telling me that i must to restart my computer in 5 languages... and system hangs up.... is a kernel panic?..
  6. Running games?..

    EDIT: mmh.. i think is solved.. well IS SOLVED!, just i want it not to fail again.... the only thing i did, is to change the connector in my VGA card, DVI, to the second one,, then restart machine, and then aoe3 did work in fullscreen... but... screen looks.. different... specially letters and numbers,, looks pixel problems..... but no matter .. is enough good to keep it.. i hope not to fail again... I HOPE!.
  7. Running games?..

    Hi... Hackintosh 10.6.3 works nice, no problem, all working, 3d programs,,, with video driver and wifi..... The only problem that I have is playing a game (Age of Empire III for instance) and enter fullscreen mode,, i can´t see anything..... the problem is there is no option to change to window mode.. so i could thing AOE 3 is not playable through hackintosh... .. AOE 3 is just an example.. i tried another titles and same results..... someone else having this problem?.... window mode works.. but fullscreen screen turns black... then I must to reset.. Thanks.
  8. Are you using some special software to work with more ram?.. I have a similar MB, Asus P5E Deluxe, but with just 2GB RAM, and i´m using Unity 3D and Blender, and works really good.. i´m not sure if there is another software requiring more...
  9. Blue Screens?..

    Hello! I have installed Iatkos S3 V2 (10.6.3), working excelent in my Desktop PC.. My specs: CPU : Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz MB : ASUS P5E Deluxe RAM : 2GB DDR2 VIDEO : Nvidia Geforce 9600GT DDR3 1GB WIRELESS : Linksys USB Wireless-G Network Adapter WUSB54G (RT2500) -- All was ok, after fighting against the problem of Wireless and Nvidia graphics driver.... but all work very good now.... the problem i have is .. when i change my video resolution.. the screen turns very blue (transparency), i cannot see very well my desktop ... even i can´t to reboot or shutdown.. so i must to reset manually (button). someone has the same problem?... oh!, another problem is that RT2500Replug does not work... i must to replug physically my usb wireless adapter when i start macOs,, is this dangerous?... Greetings!