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  1. I would appreciate your help patching my DSDT files. I have a z270x gaming k5 with bios f7a. I am using a 6700k cpu. k5_dsdt_help.zip
  2. gilg2533

    X230 El Capitan

    Im sitting in class right now, but I can send you links to the guides I used as a general outline. One thing to note is that I own a desktop computer that has a mpcie slot in it that also had linux on it at the time. This is what I used to rebrand the card. Also whatever you do do not get one of the cards that also has bluetooth in it. I happened to have one of those cards on hand, and I could not get that to work no matter what I tried. Ordered one without bluetooth on Amazon for like 10 bucks and had it working in under 10 minutes once I got the card.
  3. gilg2533

    X230 El Capitan

    You could try something like that, but I'm pretty sure that the white list will not allow that. Additionally you would have an issue with needing to add antennas.
  4. gilg2533

    X230 El Capitan

    Long time since I've been on this machine or thread. As an update, the x230 is running 10.12.2 quite well. I have not attempted the audio as of yet, but will be doing that right now. The rebranded wifi card with the fakepciid its still working beautifully. I will warn anyone that wants to rebrand a wifi card to get past the whitelist, that doing this basically makes is useless as a windows machine (unless someone knows how to redirect irq and whatnot in windows drivers (I am not interested enough to even try)). If I get the audio working I will let you guys know what I did. Sound is working just fine using http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/311293-applealc-—-dynamic-applehda-patching/page-1. You will need to use the codeccommander kext as well if you want your sound to work when resuming from sleep.
  5. gilg2533

    El Capitan Not shooting down

    Well to have your pc shoot down you must first get a .45 handgun pcie card and install it....i will shoot down a lot better after that.
  6. gilg2533

    Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    And I use the USB port made for a DAC and its all native no patching....but each to his own.
  7. gilg2533

    Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Well, you wanted to hackintosh....and you chose a board with a creative chip? ROFLMAO!
  8. gilg2533

    Mufasa (Dual 6-Core Xeon Hackintosh)

    For the person that said...never seen a dual processor macintosh before.....lol really? Lrn2Mac
  9. gilg2533

    El capitan z170 gigabyte gaming 7

    I had that glitch without the patch and it disabled in BIOS and with the patch and it disabled in BIOS, and with the patch....etc.....etc.... until i used the solution I posted, but I'm sure he would be glad to listen to advice from someone who does not even have this board.
  10. gilg2533

    El capitan z170 gigabyte gaming 7

    You need to use the USB inject all kext, and the clover USB port increase patch. Thats the way I got it to boot the installer on my gaming 7 anyways. A lot of people have USB 2 ports on their z170 boards and they work easier initially to get booted. Your gaming 7 only has USB 3.0 ports. Even trying an adapter off of one of the headers for 2.0 on the motherboard I had no luck. Then I used the inject all kext and the port fix and it worked.
  11. gilg2533

    NVMe Express digging

    You know you can update the nvme package in a bios without having the manufacturer do it right?
  12. gilg2533

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    In case you guys didn't know MacVidCards.com now has a working nvme driver that works with any board, using it on a gaming 7 with a samsung pro 950 and its working great.
  13. gilg2533

    NVMe Express digging

    Mine shows up as internal....
  14. gilg2533

    Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Just fyi there is a beta bios f6j for this board. Its posted on the tweak town gigabyte bios forum (its from the manufacturer).
  15. Can you change the volume when using voodoo because I can't no matter what I try.