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  1. Dell Dimension 5150c Driver issues.

    i know it's an old post but many thanks for the ethernet and audio tricks! the computer is quite hot and fans run high, i'll try to throttle down and keep posted about it
  2. Shutdown problems & KB Problems

    same motherboard, same problems. I'll let you know if i find something.
  3. Broadcom BCM 5787M NIC in HP 6701b notebook

    i never could make it work using usual methods and some inventions
  4. Realtek ALC268 not work

    i didn't explain myself: if you have AppleAzalia only, without alcinject or applehda so nobody overtakes control of azalia(no need for appleAc97 also), then you have speakers sound. But only speakers sound, volume keys in my laptop, no sound cuts, but it's better than the "never-will-work" applehda (hope i'm worng but tried eeeeverything)
  5. Realtek ALC268 not work

    the easiest way is to install AppleAzalia kext and if don't work update the plist with your model. No need for HDA o ALCInject or AC97 of course. But this only gives the speakers (no jacks), although perfect support.
  6. Realtek ALC268 not work

    I couldn't play with the laptop until today a few minutes. I have the AppleAzalia alone, without HDA or alcInject or AC97. I tried more versions and all worked, so i was that easy I guess. If you edit and put "10ec 0268" it work with integrated speakers perfectly, no hangs or cuts. Also the volume keys and controls work perfect. But for the moment no output or input other than internal speakers. it's weird. tomorrow i'm gonna have more time and can post the kext. I'm making no progress with hex editor and HDA or AC97 for the moment...
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    ALC268 working unexpectedly... EDIT: ok it was using azalia, not HDAudio. perfect speakers output, perfect volume control. No luck on ALcInject and HDA
  8. Realtek ALC268 not work

    no luck here, still trying UPDATE: i installed a couple of unrelated kexts of XXX DVD on top of my installation, but also ALC888 to test later (the simple one, not digital or 6 channel), restart I have audio through speaker and volume button... !!! i don't know which combination made this work, or if my editing of kexts has anything to do, but i'm going to save an image now of the HD and keep you updated.
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I have tried without asking for help with no luck with ALC268. Here's the codec dump of Acer extensa 5210, with this Realtek chip. I see is simillar to ALC265 if possibly could help. ALC268.txt
  10. Broadcom 1390 (4311) help

    same here, also the first time i install os x (jas 10.4.8 or others) the welcome screen detects wireless, i can connect to my wifi and have internet working.. until i reboot another related thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry465564 UPDATE: it works after trying different kexts, 802... and related. Try to install form another DVD or update network drivers.
  11. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    Same problem here! Acer extensa 5210 (broadcom 4311, ill confirm if this exactly this chip). The weird thing is I can browse webs and so until the first reboot, then no more internet.
  12. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    10.4.10 it's a pity... But i'm happy for the rest of components working, including apple software updates. I managed one time to get led out of no-dound state and be able to rise and low volume, but no sound came from speakers, audio out or even the mic port
  13. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    same problem here with nx7300, all working (network, wlan, sleep) but no audio. With azalia I get "HD Audio Output" but no sound from speakers or headphones
  14. Lots of problems here with OWC - macsales Netlist modules. I bought the premium ones, also having read reviews, so i wouldn't have problems. Didn't even mixed with other brand. First minute, one module (heatsink physically bended) started to give thousand ECC errors, kernel panics. They sent another couple back, and now with their 4 1GB modules, between 6-60 ECC errors depending of the module after 2-3 hours usage and occasional Kernel Panic. Tried to move locations, smcFanControl, nothing... It's not good to work knowing any time a Kenrl Panic could happen.