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  1. Solved it with VMWare. For those that have the same problem, search for a OSX mod on goodle for VMWare so you can install it. After you install OS X in VMWare, mount the image of OS X, use Disk Utility to copy the content of the image on the USB drive than search for a bootloader like Chameleon RC5, install it on the usb drive and you are done, you have a bootable USB drive.
  2. The problem is the only one I know with a Mac is miles away from here and it's not an option. LE: When the new HDD comes I could use a Virtual Machine to install mac and make the usb drive. So a tutorial for making it on Mac for iAtkos would be nice too.
  3. Hello guys! My DVD-RW just died and I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed on my pc. Soon my new HDD will be delivered and I want to install Snow Leopard 10.7 (iAtkos). I have a 8GB Kingstone flash drive but I don't know how to set it up so I can install Mac from it. I have the .iso image downloaded. On the internet I can only find how to do it from Mac but I don't have Mac installed. Can someone help me on how to do this under Windows 7 or Ubuntu? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've tried booting with the DVD and after boots to eject it, and it worked fine, sound was fine, everything is fine. Right now I'm on it without DVD in. For me seems like is needed only on boot.
  5. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    It's no difference, the only thing different is that you don't have to repair windows, usually it will boot with windows, and Snow Leopard won't be shown to boot from, until you use EasyBCD as I said.
  6. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    It's simple to use: 1. You add Mac OSX to the boot list: 2. The Edit Boot Menu should look like this: If Windows 7 is not there, do as you did for Mac OSX but add Windows: Than save it and that's all. That's the way I did it.
  7. A puzzling predicament with iATKOS S3 v2

    You can try deleting the partition with a Windows or other bootable disc, and create it again, maybe is something wrong with the boot sector.
  8. I didn't try that. I'll give a try tonight or maybe tomorrow.
  9. Gigabyte gt220 ddr3 PCIE problem snow leo

    Try NVEnabler (only) in customization at installation point.
  10. Asrock P4VM800

    This guy has a motherboard with the same northbridge as you and Leopard worked for him. I don't know about Snow Leopard but if you don't have anything to do, try it.
  11. Dell Optiplex 380

    Get a separate HDD to test it and remove the other one while you are testing, that's what I would do.
  12. Compaq C700

    You can use EmpireEFI to install it, from what I know. Yes you will encounter almost the same problems.
  13. A puzzling predicament with iATKOS S3 v2

    Did you tryed minimal customization? No audio/video/lan drivers, see if it works. From my experience, installing hackintosh is trial an error.
  14. Try this, put the dvd in, an when it want to boot press F8, and boot from the partition where is installed. I had a similiar problem and for me worked.
  15. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    Well, if you install Windows, will boot automatically on windows and than you can download EasyBCD and set the bootloader to give you the option to boot with iAtkos or Windows.