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  1. @Swhay, Hello and thanks for all the helpful info! I followed this guide and now have an Apple bluetooth module (sold to me as A1181) hooked up as your document describes and paired with a Magic Trackpad. It works well, and I can put the PC to sleep and wake it from the keyboard and front power button and the Trackpad happily reconnects. Where I have an issue is with waking the PC with the Trackpad itself. If put the machine to sleep then tap the Trackpad it does wake up, but the trackpad does not reconnect. My bluetooth icon disappears from the menu bar and appears to be knackered, requiring a reboot. My kernel.log is flooded with the included errors. I was wondering if you had any idea how I can get this to wake the machine up properly? I'm on Lion and using a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 as well. E:[AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController][bulkInReadHandler] Received kIOReturnNotResponding error - retrying: 1. [ClearFeatureBulkEndpointHalt] DeviceRequest failed 0xE00002ED. [AppleUSBHCIController][ClearFeatureInterruptEndpointHalt] - ClearPipeStall returned e00002ed [[0xffffff800db2d000] OpCode 0x0C01 from: kernel_task (0) status: 0x00 state: 2 timeout: 5000] Bluetooth warning: An HCI Req timeout occurred. [sendHCIRequestFormatted] ### ERROR: [0x0C01] (Set Event Mask) -- Send request failed (err = 0x0010 (kBluetoothHCIErrorHostTimeout)) E:[AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController][bulkOutWriteCompleteHandler] ERROR1: 0xe00002ed; sizeRem=00000000; isInactive = 0, suspended = 0 E:[AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController][sendACLData] Bulk out [ACL] data failed. (error = 0xe000404f ) E:[AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController]WARNING !!!! [DeviceRequestCompleteHandler] error e00002ed -- kIOReturnNotResponding
  2. You could try the fix described here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...61640&st=20 i.e. boot with darkwake=0 to disable Low Power Wake altogether, if that's acceptable.
  3. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    Are you sure it makes a difference in that case? The wakeup every two hours to re-register is actually done with an RTC Alarm on your PC, not a WOL from your router (incidentally - these are logged with a correct "Wake reason = RTC Maintenance Alarm"). I'm not sure if I've actually *seen* my PC do this or just *heard* the fans spinning up for a few seconds, but I was pretty sure that this had always been a "dark wake" (even in Snow Leopard) and it didn't switch the monitor on. It definitely isn't up more than a second or two, so it doesn't bring the system fully awake. Maybe I will have to sit next to my sleeping computer for two hours today and observe it, to be sure about this :-)
  4. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    I think there are a number of issues at play and I think some users of genuine Macs are unhappy with the way that Wake on Demand behaves with non-Apple network services (there are a number of complaints over on Macrumours about things like SSH and LogMeIn). I would be intrigued to know if the kernel param improves matters for them (not sure if you can even pass them on real macs?). When I started looking into this I thought powerd was to blame, now I actually think this whole mechanism lives within the kernel, but I could be wrong about this - am not a kernel guru. If you look in IOPMrootDomain.cpp in the latest XNU sources I think you should be able to find the logic for this by seeing where "darkwake" pops up. Maybe with some digging you could re-map the wake reasons at this level (or make them more broad) if you were so inclined. There are a number of guides out there describing how to get the XNU sources to build. Personally, I'd rather just switch the whole thing off as that seems cleaner to me. I am not bothered if my monitor turns on every time I access some network service or other... it did on Snow Leopard and I managed OK then :-)
  5. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    I do use Wake on Demand, and the darkwake=0 behaviour is still preferable to me as making SSH connections to my sleeping workstation didn't seem to be enough wake it up fully or "hold" it in low-power-wake. It seems not all network applications can do this even if they are Bonjour-advertised; I wasn't able to find any documentation on how this is done or why it works for some services and not others. Lion's default behavior also broke wakeups using the iOS Remote.app for me, as sometimes the PC would go back to sleep before the app could fully connect to iTunes. I used a similar method for some time, you will be pleased to hear there is a new version of the Realtek driver that has just been released that supports this natively: http://lnx2mac.blogs...osx-driver.html
  6. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    It's my pleasure, glad this is useful to others! I rely heavily on WOL and this was my final outstanding issue with my Lion install. So today I am a happy bunny.
  7. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    Has anyone else tried booting with the following kernel parameter: darkwake=0 This looks like it switches off Low Power Wake entirely, i.e. reverting to Snow Leopard's behaviour which doesn't care about "wake reason" and the like. I can now wake my Lion box fully with a Wake-on-Lan app and the front power button (which didn't work before). I just came across this in IOPMrootDomain.cpp in the latest XNU sources. It seems to be working for me so far (along with patched AppleRTC.kext). Running a GA-P55M-UD2 with DSDT from tonymacx86.