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  1. Hello, I set up a new X99 workstation based on the Intel i7 5960X a few months ago and Yosemite works very well on it. Except of a "small" part I normally use heavily in my daily workflow: The Terminal Here is a descriptionof the problems I detected (maybe more are hidden but due to the problems I encountered I rarely use this workstation for development and fall back to my MacBook or my old Hack for now). The architecture of the system seems to not be recognised correctly. When I try to install homebrew I get an error that it doesn't find the target platform. So I tried to look at uname and found that it doesn't show the current kernel or anything: x99:~ me$ uname -a x99:~ me$ Same strange behaviour goes for find (in my home with quite a few folders and files): x99:~ me$ find . x99:~ me$ After wondering about this I started zsh and tried both commands: f35% find . zsh: exec format error: find f35% uname -a zsh: exec format error: uname What can I think of this? Any idea hear? I can't really imaging what went wrong there and why everything else works. I can throw different image/video apps up and haven't had problems yet. It's only on the Terminal where I'm not sure what's going on and normally I'm quite often using the Terminal as a long time Linux/*nix user and do many stuff with small scripts and use homebrew to install a bunch of tools also. Installation was done with a modified Kernel and a few modified extensions to get it running on the X99 platform.
  2. GeForce GTX460 and CUDA

    Hey, I'm now running my hackintosh for about a year and now I tried to use some CUDA-Software. I installed the CUDA driver shortly after the Lion installation but now I tried some software. CUDA-Z shows the Card correctly as the "GeForce GTX 460", but I tried to use Blender (with Cycles Render Engine using CUDA) and Adobe GPUsniffer, which both didn't found any CUDA device in my system. Then I updated the CUDA driver to the current 4.0.50, but no change. Also I saw now that the card is shown as "Unknown nVidia card" in System Information. OpenCL instead of CUDA seems to work in Apps supporting it. Does anyone have an idea what could go wrong here and what's the best way to tackle with this? What additional information about my system could be helpful?