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  1. iPhone vs iPod Touch

    Overall, the iPhone 3G would be great, with the speed and the ability to play, while retaining the features of the phone, etc. .. However, the iPhone 3G 32 GB is approximately 32 GB iPod touch into a triple the cost ... Video, the same in both, the speaker is better in the iPhone, but with a real grill for the speaker ...
  2. Thats not Apple blocks all the videos just are not transformed. Not all videos on YouTube can be played on iPhone / iPod Touch must be converted to MPEG first.
  3. OSX on Asus G60VX

    I'm going to try SnowOSX right now, when burned to a DVD, I hope to be working, and I bought a different wifi card, the box says it runs OSX.
  4. Apple Red theme release

    Nice I am glad to see that have inspired some to make their own. What if you need the tutorial is quite easy to do.
  5. Hackintosh Wallpaper v5

    I have Downloaded all the Wallpapers for my computer and it's really a very nice design...