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  1. einsteinx2

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    No problems with the new Vox beta. So I can confirm the driver works fine with my Audiophile 2496 in Lion retail.
  2. I'm having the same issue. The interesting thing, is that when I used my Lion install USB stick to boot it didn't check all kexts (I'll have to try it again to verify it still does that). Also IIRC, when I had no other drives but my boot drive installed, and booted from my boot drive not USB, it didn't do it either. Only when I also have my clone boot drive installed and boot from my regular boot drive it checks all kexts. When I get some free time I'll test each case again to verify, but in any case it seems there is something causing it to check all kexts when other times it doesn't. Now just need to figure out why it does in some cases and not in others.
  3. einsteinx2

    network speed not gigabit only 10/100

    You want to use full duplex, and I had to do the same thing for my Realtek card only I used Lnx4mac's driver.
  4. This is what you're looking for: http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...=613&page=1 Essentially, software RAID arrays in OS X have a hidden boot partition on each drive. Chameleon must be installed to these boot partitions (well really only one of them, but it's convenient to have it on all three) along with the OS X kernel. Then you have to tell Chameleon the ID of the array to boot from. All the details are in the guide I linked to above. Just remember, any time you do an update, you'll need to manually update the kernel stored on those boot partitions.
  5. einsteinx2

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Interesting, I'll give it a try using a different player, though for whatever reason, Vox is working fine with my Fiio E7 USB DAC. EDIT: It does seem to only be Vox that has the problem, though it's weird it doesn't happen when I use the Fiio. Anyway, I've just been using other players until there's an updated version of Vox available, so no biggie.
  6. einsteinx2

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Hmm I have the same setup, but I'm having some stability issues with it. When I play a song using Vox (haven't tried anything else yet), it will play about 2/3 of the song then Vox will freeze. When I use a different audio interface it's fine. Also, once when I was switching audio interfaces to use the 2496 using the volume control menu icon (option+click it and choose interface) while I had music playing, I had a hard restart. Not even a kernel panic, just rebooted.
  7. einsteinx2

    TextEdit hangs for 10 seconds on first open

    Same here, only TextEdit.
  8. einsteinx2

    Optical drive making "boot" sound frequently

    I can confirm that putting a CD in the drive stopped the sound. I just turned off "put hard disks to sleep" (I have an SSD anyway) so I'll see if that also fixes it. I realized I did have that unchecked in my Snow Leopard install when I didn't have the problem. Thanks for all the input guys! EDIT: I can confirm turning off "put hard disks to sleep" also fixes this. So if you have an SSD or otherwise don't care if your HDD sleeps, just turn that setting off in the Energy Saver of System Preferences. If you need your HDD to sleep, just keep any disc in your optical drive all the time (that is assuming that the "put hard disks to sleep" option is even working at all in these cases).
  9. einsteinx2

    Optical drive making "boot" sound frequently

    Hmm now that you mention it, my computer hasn't been automatically going to sleep. I have to choose it from the Apple menu manually. I just popped a blank CD into the drive, so we'll see if that stops the sound. I don't mind it not auto-sleeping, but the sound of the drive is driving me crazy. Btw, I have an Asus DVD burner, and I had no problem with this in Snow Leopard (though I never had working sleep, or at least I never even tried to use sleep, but also didn't have a custom DSDT).
  10. einsteinx2

    booting up with Chameleon

    Also, if you want to access the boot device menu sometimes but not every time, leave the instant menu option turned off and just hit any keyboard key and it will show you the boot options. That way you can still have it be automatic, but access them when you need to.
  11. Has anyone else experienced this? The first time I open TextEdit, it beach balls for 5-10 seconds, then loads. Also, sometimes when I go to TextEdit when I haven't used it for a while (even if the window is visible) it hangs for a few seconds before responding (not as long as on first load though). Any ideas?
  12. einsteinx2

    Optical drive making "boot" sound frequently

    I only started having this issue since my Lion install, never had it on Snow Leopard. I think it probably has less to do with Lion itself and more to do with the slightly different setup I did (using custom DSDT file and some different kexts now). For instance, in Snow Leopard I never had working sleep. I do have working sleep in Lion, I think because of the DSDT file. I have a gut feeling that it has something to do with sleep. Did you have working sleep mode on your Snow Leopard install?
  13. I did a fresh install of retail Lion yesterday on my hackintosh. Since then, my optical drive has been making the "boot" sound, the one where it sounds like it's checking for a disc, about every 5-10 minutes. It's really annoying! If I open the disc drive and leave it open, it won't make the sound, but then it's just begging to get run into by someone's leg and broken. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  14. einsteinx2

    Clear SSD before cloning

    What you need to do is an ATA secure erase as outlined in this guide: https://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/ATA_Secure_Erase It's a quick, single ATA command that instead of writing 0's to every drive block, it tells the controller to mark all blocks as empty, which is exactly what you want. (EDIT: Actually I think it is supposed to do both, but I noticed on my Vertex 2, it was too fast to have done that, so I'm guessing it just marked them as empty. Probably the way Sandforce implemented the command. But still it gets the result you want, which is brand new fast SSD.) Download and burn a Gpartd boot cd (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php) and use it to run the hdparm commands from the command line. I tried an Ubuntu live CD but it had trouble recognizing my drives. The other nice thing with Gpartd is that it has a gui tool that pops up that lists your drives so you know right away what to put for /dev/X in the hdparm commands. I used this process to refresh my drives before I clean installed Lion yesterday, and they're benchmarking like new again.
  15. einsteinx2

    XCode 4.1 - F-R-E-E for Lion users

    Are you sure the iTunes bug is still affecting retail installs? I did a fresh retail (downloaded from App Store) Lion install on my hackintosh yesterday and installed Xcode from the App Store last night. No issues with iTunes.