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    DSDT Patch For GTX 460

    Hi All, I've created a DSDT Patched with nVidia GTX 460 Fermi. There are two major problems i'm experiencing - Any assistance would be greatly appriciated. First, it sometime load and sometimes it start the system but the screen turns to Standby and i can't wake it up. The second is that the card is 1500GB memory while when it loads with the DSDT it shows 1024. The DSDT File is attached. DSDT.zip
  2. gurden

    Nvidia GTX Recognized as 8600GT

    Hi Guys, You were both SPOT ON! There was indeed a Device string that injected the information - Removed it and the card is recognized correctly! Now i've encountered a different problem: from what i've read, GTX card are natively supported under Mavericks so i set the GraphicsEnabler=no - I get a black screen but it seems the OS has fully loaded. Tried: npci=0x2000, PCIRootUID=0 - Didn't solve it. only GraphicsEnabler=yes starts correctly... any advice? Thanks again, Gurden.
  3. Hi all, would really appreciate your assistance: I've installed Mavericks on a P5GC-MX MB using Myhack. Everything works great. I've used a DSDT file that i've extracted from windows prior to the installation of Mavericks. The only problem i'm unable to solve is the GPU being recognized as 8600GT. I have a EVGA GTX460 V2 installed. The system information indicates the following: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT OpenGL Engine [EFI] I've tried to replace the kext, change the GraphicsEnabler to yes/no. nothing solves it. Attached, the "System information" Picture, A capture from an app i used called "System Info" that recognizes it correctly. Also attached, the DSDT and IORegistryExplorer info. Thanks a lot! Gurden. Gurden.zip