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  1. Need Help installing OS X on Alienware M17X R3

    i have installed os x 10.8 (mountain lion) successfully. You can show your email, and I send "extra" file to you....
  2. HELP atheros AR9285 on ML

    you can find the ar9285.pkg in iatkos L2, it support ML. i don't know how to attach the file with this forum.
  3. I think the videocard gtx280m worked not very well. Because it caused problem such as "freeze". And it worked not very smoothly. If you ran the benchmark software CINEBENCH, you will find it worked in low performance. hd5870m maybe better
  4. Installing lion on alienware M17x R3

    It really works.... But the video cards (gtx580m,gtx560m) caused "freeze", maybe you should take some modification with AGPM And the videocards hd6990 caused blackscreen with internal lcd, but hdmi out is ok, so you should plug hdmi adaptor to the hdmi "out" and "in"
  5. Everyone solved the problem with the virtual 800x600 vga monitor?
  6. OpenGL Speed

    I think it maybe the problem of the power management with nvidia videocards. I installed lion with dell m6600(i7 2820qm, hd5870m,),I tested with cinebench, it scrored 34 fps.
  7. Parallels on ML Problem

    I think it meens harddisk. .. that is your partition which your ML installed in
  8. Choosing the best notebook for MacOS X

    I have successfully installed mac os lion with lenovo y460a(i5 480m, hd5650), alienware m17x r2(i7 740qm hd5870m no crossfire), dell m6600m(i 7 2820qm, hd5870m, no rgb-ips edition) I meet some problem in A: dell m6600 with m8900,=========no internal screen display B: dell m6600 with quadro 4000m or 3000m,====== frequently frozen, no optimum performance C: dell m6600 with rgb-ips, =========no internal screen display. D: qe/ci is ok with HD5870m, opengl 1,2,3.1 were ok with HD5870, and with optimum performance. But I can't close the vga outport.
  9. help me dsdt for dell xps l702x

    I have the same notebook with you. And i found that, my video card can't works very well. Would you share your "extra" files with me? Many thanks to you.
  10. Request for DSDT for Dell M6400

    hello JR I was failed to install mac os 10.7 on my laptop(m6400 t9900 fx3700m), it stoped on "still waiting for root device". Would you share your dsdt.aml, "extra" files, and "com.apple.Boot.plist" file with me? my email is shixiaoxiao@gmail.com many thanks to you
  11. Dell Precision M6400 OSX Lion

    hello,i have faced with the same problem with you. I have installed and boot mac os snow leapard 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 successfully with bootthink 2.4.6 or chameleon. But when i was installing os x 10.7, it showed "still waiting for root device" in verbos mode。 i tried every easy way from google, but it failues. and it seemed to be something wrong with my keyboard。 BUT when I plug in another usb keyboard,it showed above characters again. my laptop is dell m6400(T9900 ,12G RAM, FX3700) Would you tell me how you can intalled and boot with mac os lion? Many thanks to you, my english is very poor,so i don't know if you can understand what i said.