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  1. alloutmacstoday

    AACplus streaming on Mac

    So, you are using QTKit?
  2. alloutmacstoday

    Help a beginner? Please?

    First of all, a NSString is an id, therefore you can't really do an == on it. A NSString can only == 0 or 1. 0 if it is not allocated (or equal to nil) and 1 if it is allocated (not nil). Second, have you hooked up textField with interface builder? Third: you need an extra bracket here: [infoLabel setIntValue:[textField length]];
  3. alloutmacstoday

    Icon problem

    You should really do the icon in Xcode! Open icon composer, drag the the .png to the 512 part, and have it resize it for them all. Export to .icns Add it to your project in Xcode then in the target for your project, get info, goto the properties tab, and put the name of the icon file (with the .icns at the end) into the Icon File Field
  4. alloutmacstoday

    R.I.P Prawker

    And they even misspelled InsanelyMac

  6. alloutmacstoday

    R.I.P Prawker

    I still remember hearing his audio clip of him calling apple about his broken hacintosh :'(
  7. alloutmacstoday

    R.I.P Prawker

    Oh my god!!!! Prawker, I will always miss you :'( This totally ruined my great day
  8. alloutmacstoday

    How to get different class var

    mainView = [[MainView alloc] init]; is what you need. You are just allocating space for it right now
  9. It is impossible to edit the information in a table view in IB. You must subclass UITableViewController, and then insert the delegate and data source methods.
  10. alloutmacstoday

    simple applescript

    sets the system volume to 10...
  11. Yeah, I came from java too, but you really just can't do it that way in objective-c. Sorry!
  12. why do you want to access them from main.m so badly?
  13. alloutmacstoday

    find command

    Use an NSTask to run the command.
  14. alloutmacstoday

    How to set text on image

    uiview.frame = a CGRect UILabel and UIImageView inherit UIView
  15. alloutmacstoday

    How to set text on image

    I dunno if you actually read his post, because you cannot usually do that with tableview cells without subclassing it, and then adding the image and label to the content view