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  1. goto acer and redownload it.. There is an app in the zip file that will run in Windows and will let you update the flash within windows.. Well I finally decided to play with this and after loading up to 10.5.5 decided to take the plunge and go for 10.5.8. And thats when the fun started.. First it said Update Unsuccessful then after getting it to restart.. It loaded anyway.. But.. Killed my onboard Keyboard, Mouse, Network, Video.. So after I managed to reload the original kept files as per the original page I now have all that back.. Also plugged in my USB bluetooth and that loaded 1st time.. Doing some updates right now.. When I get a replacement Wireless Card I should be good to go.. The only thing I would like to resolve is the 2 Flash Card Readers and maybe a higher resolution. But on the whole If I can Image the HDD I will be happy.. Rob..
  2. I made the mistake of putting some kexts on which prevented me from loading MAC OSX.. I used the -X option and I get the Rotating Clock Timer on the botom of the screen but it hangs.. Is there a command I can use to get into this machine and how do I delete the Kexts I put in ? Thanks..