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  1. I was asking for a help to install Ryzen Sierra kernel on a VmWare, i don't know what to do with the files you gave me. Plus that archive contains Clover, as far as i know it's a bootloader, I don't think I need it for VmWare image.
  2. Where do i get a latest Ryzen kernel and how do I install it on a VmWare image of Sierra?
  3. So I booted into recovery mode (holding win + r keys, while waiting for Apple logo to show up), than opened terminal and typed "csrutil disable" after this I was able to replace kernel, but i still get the same issue - when I boot the VM as soon as Apple logo shows up it goes into boot loop. I used "kextcache -u /" to fix permission, but it gave me a bunch of missing symbols warning and i gave up on this.
  4. I can't simply replace kernel on the running machine. sudo cd tells me, that Operation is not permitted.
  5. After running RyzenPatcher, it tells me: However I have no Extra folders on my installation. I just downloaded a pre-made VmWare image and it works on my Intel machine. After running patcher and rebuilding kext cache, when I start this VM it just freezes on Apple logo and progress bar never shows up. VM used to show me a pop-up saying guest os rejected your cpu before installing ryzen patcher
  6. Yes, it found smthng, but said, that mac volume cannot be restored
  7. Accidentally deleted all partitions on my hdd, but managed to restore ntfs ones with no problems. Now i'm stuck at restoring my hackintosh partition - tried few tools, but no luck with them.
  8. Tried to install this driver but had no luck with my GeForce 9800M GTS. I spend whole day reading forum and trying almost all up to day solutions, but had no success in running hardware accelerated OpenGL In fact it worked tomorrow, but after update to 1.6.4 i had kernel panic because of VooDooHDA and in process of it's fix i broke video driver. I run iATKOS S3 v2, picked up EFI Strings for DVI/DVI and NVEnabler before installation. Maybe i should reinstall Mac OS with other options?
  9. I found few tutorials on how to create multi boot system, but all guides sais, that i must install OSx86 first. I don't want to reinstall windows (it will take a lot of time to install and configure all my software). Is it possible to install OSx86 on top of windows 7?