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  1. cleric.retribution

    Asus P5N7A-VM

    post-upgrade, when you remove your pci-e video card, the motherboard defaults back to iGPU w/ auto-select of RAM size Oddly GraphicsEnabler=No with latest Chimera from ###### is what is allowing this to boot for me.
  2. cleric.retribution

    Asus P5N7A-VM

    I was able to get mine running 10.8.2!*This required using an ATI PCI-e video card and disabling the onboard iGPU for the 10.7 -> 10.8 upgrade only*(Anything that loads the NVDA50HAL causes the blank screen issues)Requirements: Fair understanding of hackintosh process and debugging if things go {censored} up Working 10.7.x installation with DSDT from ufdah or others in this thread that works w/ your BIOS revision Non-nVidia pci-e video card for use during upgrade (I used an ATI Radeon HD 2400XT) BIOS set to disable iGPU if external pci-e card in place Upgrade Steps: ​MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR MACHINE! This is an upgrade, but it may not go as planned, YMMV, IANAL, etc. I do not take responsibility if you nuke your machine / install! Shutdown, and attach your ###### install media to system, and install external pci-e video card boot up attached to new video card and configure your BIOS to set your new boot device disable the iGPU if external pci-e in place. GPU settings found @ Advanced -> MCP7A Configuration -> iGPU and Ext-VGA Selection Reboot You should be presented with the ###### bootloader at this point. Enter the following arguments into the bootloader -v debug=0x100 GraphicsEnabler=Y npci=0x2000 This should let you boot into the mountain lion installer, and you can proceed to run through the normal ML install process, which will upgrade your existing install When the upgrade completes, your machine will reboot to the ###### bootloader. This time, use the arrow keys to select the disk of your OS installation, and then enter the same arguments as in step 6 This should get you all the way to the setup screen for 10.8, which you can proceed through until you get to the desktop. See the post-upgrade steps for process of getting kexts, and updated to 10.8.2 Post-Upgrade Steps: Update Security Preferences in System Preferences -> Security to Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere (###### is not signed) Open ######, and select the following: Drivers & Bootloaders Drivers Miscellaneous EvOreboot FakeSMC FakeSMC Plugins BootloadersChimera v1.11.1 r1394 ​Customization Boot Options GraphicsEnabler=No Use KernelCache System Definitions Mac mini​ ThemesChameleon 2.0 Default [*]Install, then before rebooting, ensure the npci flag is set in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist -v debug=0x100 GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 [*]If you have any Extensions sitting around in /Extra/Extensions, you'll need to remove them or migrate them to /System/Library/Extensions as necessary. The only one I've moved is the old AppleHDA patched for this motherboard. [*]You may now use software update to install the latest updates, and you should have no issues. That's my quick guide. If you have issues, post them up here, and I'll try to help out.
  3. cleric.retribution

    Asus P5N7A-VM

    Just to toss another working method here: I attached disk via SATA to another hack of mine, and installed with iATKOS_v7 to the new disk. I then copied DSDT.aml from 2/16 Diabolik to the newly installed system. Finally, I put the disk into my home theater PC with this board, and it booted right up, w/ no issues. c2d 2.66Ghz, 4GB RAM. Fully accelerated HDMI video @ 1920x1200, w/ overclock as suggested in this thread. (no xbench yet) Sound output via S/PDIF optical cable to my receiver w/ no issues - AC3, DD, etc. Sleep / Shutdown / Restart working without issues (because CPU Power Management kext is blacklisted right now?) Thx a ton to the guys on this board who brought this motherboard to my attention - it's perfect for a HTPC! Signal64 / Diabolik - any updates on Audio over HDMI? Can I help at all?
  4. cleric.retribution

    [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    kickass, found this quite helpful for setting up an older Dell precision 350 with 10.4.10 mac.nub
  5. cleric.retribution

    Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

    Well I've got some good news to report ... sort of: See the system in my sig - I installed the natit_ati auto that was posted from this thread ... and then updated the Info.plist file with the dual_x1600 .plist that was also posted here. I have two dell 2407WFP monitors - both using VGA (one is straight to the VGA out on my card, the other is to a DVI->VGA adaptor plugged into the DVI output on my card). If I boot up with both plugged in, my DVI->VGA connected monitor just goes to sleep, and if I disconnect it and reconnect it ... then OSX only detects the one display (but I get mirrored output -the same thing shows up on both displays). If, however, While OSX is booting up (the grey apple screen) I quickly disconnect my DVI->VGA monitor for a few seconds, and then plug it back in ... OSX will boot up, and the screens will flicker a few times, and then I'll get a proper working extended desktop, with both monitors detected. The VGA is a bit fuzzy, and I'm not sure if this is an OSX problem, or the {censored} VGA cable that I'm using that's wrapped around power cords and loads of other {censored} The extended desktops will usually stay working for around 5 minutes, and then something happens and the screen goes blank, and when it comes back, I'm stuck with the detection of only a single display (but again, the display is mirrored, and actually showing up on both monitors) If I need to post any outputs or logs to help people out, let me know, as I spent alot of time trying to get this working since 10.4.5 ... and sadly I'm giving up on this card, and I've bought an MSI 7600GS with dual DVI outputs, which should work fine with Natit_Dual.
  6. cleric.retribution

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    It's called geektool -- it lets you show live bits of log files or output from commands, etc on the desktop, much like root-tail for linux / bsd
  7. cleric.retribution

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Just got around to customizing my hackintosh after reinstalling!
  8. cleric.retribution

    A quick keyboard question

    This is bumping a really old thread, but yes, the DiNovo does work as a basic keyboard on OSX. The mouse seems to be rather in-sensitive, however. I ended up using MX1000 laser mouse :/
  9. cleric.retribution

    Micro ATX board for easy(ish) homebrew Mac?

    I have an intel D915GUX and it works great with 10.4.5 -- onboard video, audio, sata are all supported natively. word. see sig for specs
  10. cleric.retribution

    Dual-Processor Homebrew OSX machines?

    I've run OSx86 10.4.5 on a dual opteron system on a Tiger K8W motherboard -- no SATA or sound however. I quit using it on that hardware because I had no video acceleration -- that problem is solved now via the natit kexts...but I have since built a nice hackintosh -- check my sig. Personally, if you want to build a dual processor machine, I suggest you search around the boards for some of the hardware guides with people using Core2 duo processors in their builds. People have had good success with building "fully supported" dual core machines. (that is, of course, unless you want dual-dual core processors -- then, I'm not sure I can point you in any good direction).
  11. cleric.retribution

    What are you going to buy?

    I would love to get an xbox360, as well as a Wii. The wii can play classic games (not that I can't already via zsnes, etc...but meh). The Xbox360 is just a cool system -- not quite enough motivation to spend $400 on one for me, but if I had the cash, I would get one in an instant.
  12. cleric.retribution

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    1801, yo
  13. cleric.retribution

    Dell 2407 WFP

    I've got a 2405fpw myself, and when hooked up via DVI, it looks great. The prohibitive price of a new 23" ACD is what kept me from getting one, personally. The image quality on the 2405, after setting up proper color profiles (apple color profile built in to monitor, and set on my haxintosh) and brightness / contrast, is great. I've only had the opportunity to work with the 23" ACD a few times, but IMO, the 2405 is just as good. My eyes cannot tell a difference, at least.
  14. cleric.retribution

    [Sell] 15" 867MHz G4 Titanium PowerBook

    got any pictures of the actual laptop?