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  1. Test my blog!

    Hey guys wondering if your uber-eyes could check my site for any issues it may have (I know it does not work right in i.e but if you use i.e I assume you wouldent be on this site) EDIT
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Hi Guys! Im Fusion3k, long time windows fan boy who has fallend for the charm of OSX I have recently converted my PC into A hackintosh and I am loving it!
  3. GeForce 200 series support

    Hi guys! I'm new here and after looking on the site it inspired me to make my pc into a Hackintosh! I have got everything working and OSX is running very smoothly except when it comes to using steam and playing Half-life 2! At the moment I am only getting an avrage of about 15 FPS in combat scenes and in just a room I appear to be getting about 30fps which is extremely low considering on windows I get well over 100fps. I know that OSX is not as good as Microsoft's offerings for gaming but I at least expected it to be playable! So my question to you guys is.... Has any one else had this issue? If yes then please tell me how to fix it! Here are my hardware specs: Intel Quad2Core Q6600 OC to 3Ghz Asus Command socket 775 motherboard 4GB Corsair dominator XMS2 8500 XFX nvidia GTX 280 Thanks guys!