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  1. [help] ASUS - Eee Pc 1005PE SL compatible?!

    Caveat with what I have to say. I am not a very knowledgeable person in all this stuff, and I have already invested many hours into trying to get Snow Leopard onto the same model ASUS without success. Notice that the forum is not very fast in responding to questions posted by new comers. Likewise some of the guides seem to be written from the standpoint that I already know some common facts which I do not know. Like simply how to edit Kexts into the install, or even when. If you look at my post I did not get far enough for that to matter. Perhaps it is that information of the process is spread across several websites. I feel really sure that my ASUS is a much better Netbook than a Dell. However. Seems like, according to other posts, the install to the Dell Netbook is a a lot easier. At least I might be able to download a partition that will expand on the Dell and simply work. Some of the issues seem to revolve that I have started with Snow Leopard 10.6.3, which does not have Atom support rather than using an earlier version of Snow Leopard, which I do not see available for purchase right now. Plus I am not very anxious to throw more money into my putting Snow Leopard onto a Netbook. I missed my opportunity some six months ago when a friend bought a Dell tower and had the option to add a Dell Netbook for two hundred, plus at that time to have purchased a copy of an earlier Snow Leopard. I wanted an ASUS plus a faster processor. The other day I was at a local computer shop where the owner is a graduate of Rice U. (in Houston - meaning he is a technical knowledgeable person) and likes to speak Apple. When I asked about whether he knew how to do a Snow Leopard install to a Netbook. He told me his shop, "Never had anything to do with any hackintosh stuff. That his recommendation was that I should buy a refurbished white Mac Book." Which I interpreted to mean instead of going through a lot time to install Snow Leopard onto hardware that was inferior to any Intel based Mac.
  2. Recipe for SL 3.6.3 first time. 1005PE and 1005HAB

    After a long time doing other things I have come back to see if I could make this work. I see there is a new netbook installer and netbootinstaller as well, which should be more helpful. Some of the guides leave out information which must be obvious to some of you who are more experienced with the process than I. Starting with trying to put Snow Leopard on a USB key. When I format the USB key with my Mac Book Pro with the latest Snow Leopard updates installed, I have the option of installing one of four different Mac Formats to the USB key. Hmm, I just chose the first. When I used the Snow Leopard OS Disc Utility to "Restore" my freshly purchased Snow Leopard CD on the USB key, I end up with "Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg" I can only hope that is right, as the instructions do not say. I download, "NetbookBootMaker 0.8.4 RC1", onto my Mac Book Pro. When I try to run it, I get a little screen that reads, "Select USB Partition" which will not display any of my USB keys, although I spent some time trying to format them in different file systems. If NetbookBootMaker is meant to for me to talk down a USB cable that goes from my Mac Book Pro to my Netbook, then the documentation does not make that obvious. Plus I do not have that kind of cable. I have looked for an ISO for "NetbookInstaller 0.8.4 RC1" Or some kind of description of how to build one, Or just put it on a USB key. While I can Google around some more, seems like an explanation of how to put the thing on the either a USB key or make an ISO would be in the instructions. The guide talks about preparing the Netbook hard drive. On another forum it seems to say that to create a mutli boot system- the Mac Portion of my hard drive would be a second partition which should be prepared as creating it as a GUID type file system, but not to format it before attempting the install to let Snow Leopard Format the Partition. Hmm. I was not familiar with what is meant by a GUID type file system, which someone tells me is the type of file system that nearly any standard disc tool creates today for Intel based machines. I pulled out my ISO of Gparted Magic. My netbook was already configured with a second partition, so I simply deleted the second partition and then recreated it without formatting it. I left the first Windows Partition alone, as well as the ten GB Windows Restore Partition. I have a feeling that is wrong. The note said to clobber the Windows partition, which I felt was to accommodate putting Snow Leopard on the entire hard drive on one partition. For anyone interested in using Gparted Magic: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/partedmagic/ Information about how to create a boot record for a multi-boot install reminds of how this issue is documented in Linux. People talk about the usefulness of different programs which do a multi-boot. All of these require a few little lines of text to tell of what the options might be. Seems like no where is there any documentation about how to write those few little lines of text, or exactly where the text file is. Next thing I would be concerned with is making sure I have all the right Kexts for my system, except that I do not know what anyone is talking about when they say just edit them in. I did find "http://www.kexts.com/content/" Where do they go, and when do I put them there? Now I see one of the Kexts is to prevent a Kernel Panic when Netbook Installer (I think) sees some Atom Processors. Seems like they are all small enough that I should be able to have -all of them- already inside the NetBook Installer. I guess they are always being added to and changed. Plus the NetBook Installer could not easily sense which ones it needs and install them automatically. My ignorance is aggravating. I am through with this project for awhile. I will come back and see if the documentation makes more sense to me on another day.
  3. Recipe for SL 3.6.3 first time. 1005PE and 1005HAB

    Wow, It has been so long i stopped checking for posts. Exactly which netbook installer did you use? Where did you get it from? I have NetbookCDRC5, which I got from . http://osx.mechdrew.com/guides/ This gets to the point where the I can see a screen that shows the disk partitions and tells me to install the Snow Leopard CD. However there is no action that will work on this screen and I can not get Snow Leopard 10.6.3 to do anything either, with two different external optical drive after going through all that stuff of turning things on and off and unplugging and replugging USB cable to optical drives. I see a lot of folks talk about installing 10.6.2 and then upgrading, which I can not do because I do not have the earlier version, just the SL 10.6.3 that I bought from amazon.com that was sealed. Frankly, I am not so sure it is worth all the hours to get SL going. I originally felt that it would be a pretty straight forward install. Which apparently it is on a 10.6.2 on some Dells. I have been apprehensive that booting from an external hard drive would be a bit difficult. is there an easy way to put the basic pieces of a Snow Leopard 3.6.3 install onto a external hard drive then boot from the drive and patch it all together from there? I have put Puppy Linux on the internal SD card which gives me a safe surfing mechanism while outside my home.
  4. I also have a Mac Book Pro with SL 3.6.4 (Intel processor), external DVD and a 16 GB USB flash drive, 8 GB USB drive. I see a lot of notes about some pieces of hardware, doing SL to other Netbooks, even one to install SL 3.6.2 to a 1005PE. Some about using an earlier version of SL add upgrading. I thought someone might tell me which one of these mostly applies and what is different than I intend to do.