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  1. HP Envy 15 Mavericks Hang (Super IODevice)

    Thanks both of you for your replies. I got it working!!! What I did; 1. So I patched the kernel to work with haswell CPU's 2. Used new chimera instead of the older one I was using 3. Patched Installer to work with MBR disks instead of GUID as my windows + other OS is on MBR 4. Booted with dart=0 (thanks artur!!), nv_disable=1 and the ofc -v 5. Then installed correctly, and copied the kernel from install USB to HDD Now I just need to get sound, battery, network etc..etc.. working
  2. Hi all! So I've been having problems with installing Mavericks on my laptop (HP Envy 15-q004tx). Ive had 0 problems on my desktop, but this is giving me a headache. This is where It's been doing my head in, big time. It just hangs at the screen below. I can move the mouse, but my USB no longer flashes and occasionally the spinning wheel will pause, and then continue spinning. I've tried booting with -x, -f, and -IntelAzulFB=11 Nothing works, it just hangs. Sometimes there will be two lines of the Super IODevice, sometimes one, somtimes half a line. Leaving my to believe that its infact freezing rather than hanging. One time I got it to boot into installation, realizing that I forgot to partition my HDD, I exited out and cannot get it to boot since. I've been follow this series of tutorials; And doing it exactly, and nothing seems to be working. Any solutions? This is the link to the specifications of my laptop; http://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Product.aspx?pdetail=P334466 I am using a SSD rather than the 1TB HDD. Thanks heaps for reading.
  3. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Oh god I really do love you. Your posts are so good. But how do Install SL, I get the same kernel panic (dealing with the lapic.c). I've tried 3 variations with iAtkos with different boot options (cpus=1, -f, -v, -s, -x) and nothing seems to work. The closest thing to me, to a mac, is my sisters new macbook pro. However she got it Via. School, and due to the school being a scared little {censored}.... she doesn't have admin access. I can get her admin access, but the school will go ape, and I'm still there. Would I need to have admin access to do it? Also about the VMWare part, i'm not doing anything with the SMBIOS or the DSDT... I'm only unpacking the dmg from the appstore and compiling it onto my USB. There is nothing really done there that requires the use of the mac system files, apart from needing the mac to mount and copy the files. I really....really....really.... am stumped. I just cannot seem to get it to work. Only two things (aprt from using VMWare), is the fact that I have my disks set to MBR (changed the installations files to run on MBR) and that I cannot have AHCI as my bios doesn't support it. I'm almost 100% certain it's due to a BIOS issue, however I know that it is possible to patch the DSDT in order for it to run without AHCI enabled, but how do I get a DSDT to fit my system? Once again I really cannot begin to express how thankful I am. All of your posts are on my thread, and you write so much. If everyone were as helpful as you, then there wouldn't be any more problems.
  4. Is it possible to install Lion, using your method, if your bios doesn't support AHCI? If so, do I need a custom DSDT.aml file? And if so....how do I make it to tailor my machine.
  5. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Thank you so much for your response, once again it's so helpful. When you're talking about the SMbios and the DSDT, how do I get them. I ran configured my boot usb bia a VMWare copy of SL, and the SL doesn't have a DSDT or a SMBIOS there. Can I get someone to make me one that is directly tailored to my system, so that it will boot fine? And I didn't install on a GUID as my windows was parition 0 in the same HDD. Instead, I left it as MBR and patched the install HDD so that it reads MBR instead of GUID, fixing the issue. Do you think thats why it's getting the panic, or not? Because other people are able to install on MBR fine.
  6. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Still can't find any solutions and almost about to yell I'm so angry. I can get chameleon to run, just CANNOT seem to get it in boot no matter what option I use.
  7. Hi there. Is it possible to install OS X SL on my PC using Mammoths method. I have tried so many, and yet failed every time. My model is HP DV6-1244tx I CANNOT change the Sata settings on my BIOS (advanced menu is blocked and no WAY AT ALL to show it...I have tried). Every time I try and install SL (I can boot the disk fine), I get a kernel panic from the lapic.c Kernel Panic (CPU 1 Called 0x001b3db7) Local APIC error, ESR: 64\n"@/extra/buildxnu/xnu-1238.12.14/osfmk/i386/lopic .c.610 Thanks in advance, xxSHABSxx If you want any more information, then I will provide. ALso, if someone is willing to make me a DSDT (can't find one), then I am willing to pay for your troubles.
  8. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Thanks for your reply. When i installed it via USB and when I compiled the USB installer, I installed the Chameleon bootloader. The tutorial I followed was "Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon" at the top of the page. I compiled it using a VMWare machine running SL and there wasn't a DSDT OR a fakesmc.kext file anywhere. Do I need them in the installation? ALso as I said above in my other post, it's not AHCI mode because my BIOS doesn't alow changing it to AHCI. I've tried modding it, but by the time I got to making the advanced menu hidden, I got an error which turns out to be that HP haven't compiled the advanced menu properly and none of the options work properly. So there is NO WAY at all that I can run it in AHCI. Cheers, xxSHABSxx
  9. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Isn't there a way to put custom kernels into the installation in order for it to run without AHCI. And I really, really, really do hope your wrong (no offence) as I really do want mac on my system as our school runs only mac. If anyone can help me, and if it is possible to run it without AHCI then let me know, I read somewhere about making it run by editing the DSDT. I have full acess to my OSX hdd through my windows and can browse all the files. Cheers for your reply, xxSHABSxx
  10. [HELP] Kernel panic

    Well essentially I'm getting this Kernel Panic and I have no idea what to do at the moment. When I tried to install SL, I got the same error. I was always able to install it fine, but when I get into booting...no matter what it doesn't work. I've tried iBooot, hackBoot Lion and Chameleon and still nothing... I've used cpus=1, -v, -x, -f....and also single user mode. I've searched the internet for my problem...and one again...nothing. What essentially happens, is that I install Lion fine...and when booting I get the error; Boot0: Test Boot0: Test Boot0: Error And then it stops there, and I have to restart the computer. With Hackboot as my bootloader (burned to a CD), I was also to enter the boot options to get my somewhere....and just as it's loaded everything I get a kernel panic... Essentially I'm going to rip my hair out because of this. I compiled the USB using both my laptop (booting SL VMWare) and on my sisters laptop (10.6.3). What I think my be a problem is that I do not have control over my advanced bios settings (InsydeH2O F.44) which means I cannot change SATA to AHCI. Is there a way to run Lion, without AHCI and is there any apparent errors that I have made. I am a complete novice at this, any help is appreciated as long as I can understand what you are talking about. My system; Operating system - W7 Ultimate x86 Processor - Intel Core2 Duo Processor P8700, 2.53 GHz, 3 MB L2 Cache, 1066 MHz FS Memory - 4096 MB Internal drive - 500 GB Optical drive - LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW with Double Layer Support Display - 16" WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display Graphics - ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650 Video RAM - 1 GB graphics External I/O ports - 4 USB 2.0 (4th shared with eSATA port), eSATA Combo, VGA, HDMI, IEEE 1394, RJ-11 / Modem, RJ-45 / Ethernet, 2 Stereo Headphone jacks, 1 Microphone jack, Consumer IR, AC Adaptor Expansion slots - ExpressCard/54 Slot (also supports ExpressCard/34) Network interface - Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Modem - High speed 56K modem Wireless - Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Battery - 6-cell Li-ion Thanks for reading, xxSHABSxx
  11. TOday I finished downloading and installing iATKOS V7 on my laptop (hp 1244tx) however I get some problems when I try to boot it. I have tried to run it in safe mode, -s, as well as -v and -x and all of them get the same error message. The error and same like the pops up EVERY time I try boot is: Pannic (CPU 1 Called 0x001b3db7) Local APIC error, ESR: 64\n"@/extra/buildxnu/xnu-1238.12.14/osfmk/i386/lopic .c.610 This also comes up when I try to boot normally: IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64.87 PS2 Controller: Created Dev/PS2Controller Using IRQ Layout If anyone else has had this error than I would really like some help to how you got around to fix it. Thanks in Advance