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  1. AptioMemoryFix

    Nop, same. But I guess there are tons of things that can interfere with this. My ACPI tables are probably pretty messed up considering that I don't feel brave enough to manually patch them. My GFX are AMD RX 580 + NV 9500GT. I think that's not the case anymore, but I remember AMD got trouble with sleep mode for years.
  2. AptioMemoryFix

    I tried the sleep mode, nothing happens, only the screens go down.
  3. AptioMemoryFix

    Actually I had already noticed this shell version issue once but had not made the relation with this clover issue, I don't think they are named backward, I never messed with that. About hibernation and sleep I can't test it, it NEVER worked in UEFI (was ok in legacy, depending on the OSX version). The mobo deeply crashes. On wake up it's stuck in a power loop : goes on for a few seconds then off, then on again… indefinitely. Forcing shutdown doesn't help, I must cut power with the back PSU button.
  4. AptioMemoryFix

    Ok, I launched shell from my BIOS and tried to launch again the shellX64U, it crashed with the same static cursor. Rebooted and tried with shellX64 (no U) and I could run "a shell in my shell" so I removed the U one from Tools\ and voilà, the shell launched fine from clover. I could run memmap and see a quite different memory occupation. In the same move I tried again the Aptiomemoryfix from this thread without slide parameter and it booted fine. So 2 very old problems solved at once, thank you
  5. AptioMemoryFix

    The shell stopped working years ago, somewhere before builds 2000 of clover. Ok, gonna check all that. Edit : ok the scan option brought it back but it still crashes. I get a fix cursor on the upper left corner. I think it's again a memory issue because it does launch fine from clover in legacy mode.
  6. AptioMemoryFix

    No I launched the shell from Bios because its the only way I can reach it. It crashes when launched from Clover, since a while the option is not even present anymore. I already tried v3 and aptiofix r10
  7. AptioMemoryFix

    Yes i did all that. Here is the log with fix2
  8. AptioMemoryFix

    Hi Apianti, I already tried all the aptio fixes with no succes. I also tried with 105 but I'll try again increasing it more.
  9. AptioMemoryFix

    Hi, I'm struggling with my mobo which has always been awful regarding memory issues. So far, only the 1st OSXAptiofix version got it to boot, from time to time. It was broken with 10.13.1, ok with 10.13.2, then broken again with 10.13.3. I tried to use the version 2 and calculate a slide value. Here's what I did : Located this area that seemed to be sufficient : available 000000000CF06000-00000000AD737FFF 00000000000A0832 000000000000000F Calculated : CF06000 - 100000 = CE06000 CE06000 / 200000 = 67 Did it backward to verify and noticed I had to increase it to 68. Used slide=104 Problem is stil the same (error allocating blah page blah…) Is there something I miss ?
  10. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    My board is now working fine in 10.13 DP2
  11. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Thank you Matthew82. I tried your ROM, however still no joy. The behavior is identical. So either I'm doing it wrong, or there's something else somewhere that prevents this card from working fine.
  12. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    For me Gigabyte RX480 gaming 8Gb is a no go in 10.13, I tried all the X4000 series kexts and all the framebuffers. AMDRadeonX4250 just won't boot the card and will loop endlessly on the login screen with text. I have to delete it otherwise it's loaded by default. Other ones give scrambled frozen picture or unaccelerated desktop at best. Even tried Mork vom Ork's method, flashing to RX580 and patching the kext. Orinoco gets loaded and I have desktop, but still unaccelerated. I never had issues with that card in the past, it worked fairly well with 9500 or 9510 Controller + RadeonX4100 kext. Let's hope it will get better in next betas. My next trial will be to flash with the BIOS of some known-to-work card that is close enough to mine.
  13. AppleHDA Patcher

    I used audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0b0.command, it didn't work with this patcher. If it still doesn't work try to do a cold boot by completely cutting power off the computer for a while, or boot to windows.
  14. AppleHDA Patcher

    I guess you're right, no more problem of performance for me since my "magic" cold boot that fixed everything but I noticed that HDMI output is not available anymore.
  15. AppleHDA Patcher

    Same issue for me with ALC892 on ASUS P8P67 Pro, no method works, the best I get is having input/outputs listed in sound prefs, but still no sound, and "drastic drop in performance" is an euphemism, the system is mostly unusable, any app that tries to hook up with audio will trigger beach ball for a long time, then gets usable a few seconds then beach ball again endlessly. Update : I finally get sound after booting to Win 10. The jack plug detection got crazy, detecting stuff in loop. I had to shut down and do a cold boot. After going back to OSX, sound is there, it seems stable so far.