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    Final thoughts on Windows 8: awful

    i have given up on the mac pro years ago. the MBP i have now (17" 2010) will be my last one. cannot stand lion/mountain lion and they don't even let you fully virtualize snow leopard. not entirely happy about this, since i think apple makes the highest quality laptops out there (what is up with other brand's trackpads?), but here's to hoping i will get another ~3-5 years of use out of this one. in the end, i will most likely end up buying a clevo and run all productivity apps (creative suite, maya, ...) under windows 7, while my basic terminal/browsing needs will be taken care of by snow leopard in conjunction with vmware workstation.
  2. dmd.

    Final thoughts on Windows 8: awful

    personally, i think it is sad that essentially all desktop environments are in the process of being dumbed down. it's all about eye-candy (way more than usual -- just look at address book/ical in lion), big buttons, and facebook/twitter integration. why? i mean i get it on some level, and i am sure a lot of newbies (i.e. my mum, girlfriend, ...) will think it is awesome that everything looks like an iphone homescreen, but what about the power users? at least let me revert back to the "old style" if i so choose (i don't care if it's deeply buried in the registry or only accessible via some random terminal command; if it's there, i will find it). i don't even want to touch lion, let alone mountain lion, because i feel like options are being taken away (what is this automatic versioning business? i'll use git or svn should i really want that. let me choose, dammit) from me and it all rapidly moves towards the lowest common denominator
  3. dmd.

    QE/CI Confusion

    true, but i tried to run some VMs a year ago or so and opengl wouldn't run. neither would both quartz extreme and core image. i guess i was just wishing for a miracle
  4. dmd.

    QE/CI Confusion

    mmhhh, true. just tried to run final cut pro but it wouldn't. still weird though. i mean hell, even the flurry screensaver is working... thanks for the info
  5. dmd.

    QE/CI Confusion

    well, there most definitely is for vmware fusion... i can play videos, start all programs, and get all window animations.
  6. imagine my surprise seeing those two quizzes after logging in for the first time in ~2 years anyway, i am a little confused in regards to qe/ci support by vmware and was wondering if anyone could clear some things up for me... i had some free time on my hands yesterday and converted my snow leopard installation (running on apple hardware) to a VM. after installing the SVGAII drivers, i had full qe/ci support? does this mean that vmware allows qe/ci support on apple hardware under mac os, but not with vmware workstation in a windows environment? apologies if this has been answered before, but i couldn't seem to find anything. thanks in advance
  7. thanks for the answer. would the ASUS Rampage III Extreme be better? //EDIT: i should probably mention that those are AUD prices...
  8. hi, i have been a long time mac user, but my mac pro 1,1 is getting old. freezes, display issues, ... the list goes on. having waited for a new revision for ages, i ultimately decided to get a fully spec'd hackintosh and move on with my life. could anyone please tell me if the following configuration would be fully supported? i really don't want to spend that much cash on something that won't run smoothly... http://cl.ly/5eb83019ddc8830494d2 thanks in advance