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  1. Thanks, I'm waiting for your update. BTW, seems like the port name is totally different for 7 series. also, I can't see green entry when a USB device is plugged in. Edit: my mistake, I can see green entry now.
  2. Clover General discussion

    Does HP UEFI have some compatibility issue? Background:I have to choose "UEFI with CSM" setting in BIOS (otherwise, windows 7 won't boot). And the following issue 2 and 3 also happens in "UEFI without CSM" setting. 1. When boot from EFI on hard disk, Clover GUI theme will be stretched horizontally, even if I add ScreenResolution entry in config.plist. Also tried add/remove CsmVideoDxe-64.efi , enable/disable PatchVBios. no luck But if I use Clover on USB key as boot loader, the resolution will be right.. 2.When boot from EFI on hard disk, I get a blank screen after clicking the UEFI shell icon in Clover GUI.In the log, it shows it find the ShellU64.efi and "Starting ShellU64.efi", no more info. I also tried to load the shell from BIOS boot menu(Boot from EFI file - in my bios), failed. Also the Restart and Exit function in Clover GUI doesn't work. But if I use Clover on USB key as boot loader. all works as expected, except choosing "Boot from EFI file" from BIOS boot menu, which also failed, no matter I choose Shell64.efi or Shell64U.efi on USB. 3.All kexts under kets/10.9 are loaded except one (lets say xxx, on which other people have no problem. BTW, it depends on yyy, which is also in the same folder and successfully loaded), also tried to put them in /System/Libraries/Extensions, same result But if I use official installation package, which also uses the same kexts, no problem! while I'm sure many people succeed without that installation package.