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  1. Sn1pest3r

    No sound, no network on GM release

    fixed sound too, even tho is not HD
  2. Sn1pest3r

    No sound, no network on GM release

    nevermind, finally got internet to work, but sound still not working
  3. Hey guys, so i successfully installed 10.8 gm release with myhack on an external hard drive, graphics are perfectly working, but i cant seem to get the sound nor the ethernet working, i tried all the kexts i know, but none of them work, any help? My network adapter is Realtek RTL 8211BL, and my audio is Realtek ALC888S P.S. also, if i try to restart, it doesnt work, the screen turns off and hangs there.
  4. Sn1pest3r

    Problem after update

    I reinstalled the 3rd party kernels, most of them at least, and now it's working, only without audio and i'm not getting the graphic acceleration or whatever it's called, for some reason nvenabler it's not doing its job
  5. Sn1pest3r

    Problem after update

    I installed Lion 10.7 a while ago, i used the retail one, installed it on a usb hard drive, and then modified it with kexts and stuff, i didnt really modify anything except for adding the kexts to make it actually work
  6. Sn1pest3r

    Problem after update

    Anybody? Please, i really need help...
  7. Sn1pest3r

    Problem after update

    I haven't accessed my OSX Lion in a while, so i decided to do it yesterday, all fine and well, the software updater detected a lot of updates available, so i made all of em, and one of them was a Combo update, after i restarted my computer, after osx loads, once it gets to the login screen, it's all messed up, i can't really see anything, i get all kind of lines and stuff, i tried reinstalling nvenabler (with vmware), but still didnt do it, any suggestions?
  8. if you're booting in 64, try NVEnabler 64, that worked for my 9500 GS, but remember that you need to put your device ID in NVDANV50Hal.kext for nvenabler to work!
  9. Sn1pest3r

    VoodooHDA in Lion

    Why strictly VodooHDA? I used HDAEnabler and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and everything is working fine...
  10. Sn1pest3r

    Restart fix?

    I installed Lion and everything is working just fine, but, when i try to restart, after a while the spinning wheel freezes and i can't do anything but just manually restart, how can i fix this?
  11. Sn1pest3r

    Boot issue

    SL is installed on an USB drive, i never got to install it on my SATA drive because of the "still waiting for root device" error, also, sometimes i don't need to boot with -f, sometimes just with a restart works
  12. Sn1pest3r

    OS X Lion won't recognize PS/2 Keyboard

    There are kexts like ApplePS2controller or ApplePS2, but i dunno which one works on lion, my keyboard worked on snow leopard, and no, i don't wanna buy an usb keyboard.
  13. I used the first tutorial to install Lion GM on my pc, with an 8gb usb drive, everything went well, but at the startup, it says: "It appears that no keyboard is connected, connect a keyboard now", and I can't move on, i have a PS/2 keyboard, how can i solve this?
  14. Sn1pest3r

    Boot issue

    i mean, just like this: It only boots if i add -f, my specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 MoBo: Acer MCP73PV/nforce 630i chipset Memory: 2gb Graphics Card: nVidia Geforce 9500 GS And SL is installed on an external 1tb hard drive.
  15. Sn1pest3r

    Boot issue

    I had this issue since i installed SL on my pc, when it's booting, sometimes the "no smoking sign" appears, and hangs there, so i always have to restart to make it work, the 2nd boot always works, but, sometimes it gets kinda boring, how can i solve this?