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  1. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    ive still been checking out this topic but... there arent really any more theorys to discuss. so i havent been posting. But what cloud noticed about the chains on the nobodys... kind of stretching here but maybe the heartless or the humans were using the keyblades and the nobodys took the chains, stopping there power. Adding to some other theorys of xemnas. or maybe when the war was over, all of those keychains were locked up behind that door, with some kind of nobody behind it? or maybe youll turn into a nobody.
  2. [Random] 9999 Replies

    2889 i wonder watll happen when we get to 6666...
  3. [Random] 9999 Replies

    2868. the year we reach a corner of the universe.
  4. 3 words story

    that are posionus...
  5. 3 words story

    when suddenly it...
  6. The Never Ending Story

    and it rained digimon that spontaneuously combusted when they hit the ground and...
  7. Dealing with Anoying Person Sitting next to you

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA im going to mexico in a few days, i may get tempted..... haaaaaaaaaahahahaha id get in so much trouble with my parents.
  8. What gender are you?

    just so u know.... someone already did this not so long ago.
  9. Dealing with Anoying Person Sitting next to you

    whats in the link?
  10. patience

    lol now i get it good one.
  11. patience

    i know ur a mod and all, but wouldnt that qualify as spam?
  12. puzzle

    well i got the first one, but the seccond one.... so hard.
  13. God, why do people believe in the idea?

    but where did the animal the horse evolved from come from an evolved animal? where did that come from? an evolved animal maybe? its just a chain, an animal had to come in somewhere so whered that animal that didnt evolve come from? thats what i meant by theres no evidence, because the so called evidence comes from an inference that there was an animal to evolve FROM, it cant be evidence.
  14. God, why do people believe in the idea?

    originally by killbot1000: I would have to disagree. I base my beliefs on logic and common sense, and NO ASSUMPTIONS. That's not faith, its reasonable guessing....I believe what I believe based on the evidence before me, if the evidence changes, my beliefs will change, could you say the same thing about most theists? if u BELIEVE in the evolution THEORY u are making an assumption actually. Youre making an assumption that there was always something to evolve from. Wanna show me some evidence of this? Yea, there is none.
  15. [Joke] Blonde Car Accident