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  1. I replaced the HD. It was a Seagate 6GB/Sec drive. I put in a WD Black Caviar 3GB/sec and it worked like a champ. Evidently it could not work to the MBR of the Seagate. I had two of them and neother would completely install the boot files to the MBR. Thanks so much for the work you have done. It works great. I am very pleased. Thanks.
  2. I ran the Chamelon bootloader after everything as the instruction said. I tried to do the fdisk manually with no luck. I thought I did everything in sequence as specified. Maybe I do not understand something....
  3. I have a couple of problems I need help with. I have installed SL on a 2 TB drive which I partitioned in the system with OSX Disk Utility. I booted from the Bootloader Boot132 and installed SL with options -x arch=i386 cpus=4 busratio=21 1280x1024x35@85. I have an Asus P6X85D Extreme MB with an Intel i7 chip. Everything worked just fine and I can reboot as long as I have Boot132 in the CD drive. It will not boot without it. I copied the Extras folder to the root of the boot drive and ran the Kext Apps with no problems. I ran the Kext Helper and dropped the Audio Kext (AppleHDA10.6.4) in to turn on the sound. Sound finally came alive in OSX ( Speaker icon is bold and I can adjust volume but get no sound. I can live with this if need be, but I would like to have it boot normally from the HD. If the system goes to sleep, it will not wake up. I have to turn it off and boot again.