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  1. openSUSE 11.3 released

    So does it support as much hardware as, lets say linux mint or ubuntu does? And what is compatibility like? I mean, you can get wine for linux so is there anything similar with openSUSE?
  2. A new iPhone model... just another over elaborate cellphone. Heck, buying a decent camera, cellphone, and a gameboy would serve the same function and be half the price XD
  3. Oblivion 100% Playble

    Awesome! I love this game.
  4. Enough with this insanity

    I don't see much of a problem with this country becoming a bit socialist if it benefits the people. However, after a while, most forms of government corrupt and/or implode. (cough USSR cough) What we need is something practical. But I don't think Obama is really up for the job. Sure, some things he's doing is actually helpful, but there are some other questionable things.