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  1. Use this guide to get your MLB/SN etc setup... https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/2wohwn/getting_imessage_working_on_10102_generating/
  2. Take out the "GraphicsEnabler=no" boot arg and try "nv_disable=1", then once you're booted, install the NVIDIA Web Drivers, and reboot and then you shouldn't have to use either of those boot args after that. Can't help you on the sound stuff!
  3. free_refil

    Belkin F8T016

    I recently purchased the Belkin F8T016 to run on my Hackintosh so I could use the magic mouse... however, I get a KP when I plug it in (I think it's a KP, it tells me to restart the computer). I've tried booting with it plugged in and get the same thing during boot. What gives?!?! I don't have a native bluetooth module on the board... Any suggestions? I'm on 10.6.4....
  4. free_refil

    Card reader on Acer Aspire One A150

    I've tried that kext too and i get a wierd sd card lookin box on the bar at the top when i insert a card but nothing pops up in finder.... when i click that icon it gives me a bunch of options to turn power off to a card....
  5. free_refil

    Acer Aspire One AOA150 ZG5

    What does s/l/e cpu downclocks mean? My cpu, while on a/c power, clocks down to 800mhz when i'm not doing anything and then scales back up to 1.6ghz under load... It's just while on battery it's stuck at 800mhz.... I'm going to search for a newer voodoo mini kext and d/l that, do i have to remove the old one? and if so, how? I know how to add kexts just fine but not sure on removing them.....
  6. Does anybody know how to fix the CPU from running at half speed on battery? These damn netbooks aren't exactly power houses, so an 800MHz CPU on battery, while it may save battery life, pretty much kills it's usability... I'd rather run my 6 cell battery in the ground at 1.6GHz then deal with an 800MHz system....
  7. free_refil

    Acer Aspire One AOA150 ZG5

    Hello, I use this guide to install Snow Leopard on my system. I used the 10.6 disc, then installed all the kexts that the guide links to on this post. It worked properly, and I used OSx86Tools to clean shop and fix permissions and what not to get the system up to speed. I then used the same OSx86Tools to install TeaTeam's 10.6.4 kernel so that I could upgrade to 10.6.4. I then used OSx86Tools to re-install the kexts and fix permissions and the system runs like a dream now, with ONE EXCEPTION. While using the AC adapter, the CPU scales fine as observed using CPU-I. But on battery, it's stuck at 800MHz. I don't know what kext controls this scheme, but I'd like for it to scale all the way to 1.6GHz on battery as the system is really slow @ 800MHz... Can anybody tell me what's going on? I've searched and searched and searched but can't come up with anything... I'm completely new to OS X and Linux, so I feel I've come along fairly well so far... Thank you for your help!