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  1. New Build-9A303

    JaS, Glad I could help. And glad I wasn't the only one... All you other guys need to go but a UPS!!! Save your butt.
  2. Active Directory in Mac OSX... help

    Try booting into Safe mode (hold the Shift key after a restart before the grey screen) then try to disable it with the GUI.
  3. New Build-9A303

    OK I finally got it to work. Something I don't think about very often but scanning the syslog and watching verbose mode clued me in that I should unplug the USB to my UPS back up. After I did that there was no problem booting the 303 build! Yeaahhhh
  4. New Build-9A303

    I just tried installing on my G3 iBook with Firewire and was told it was not supported I also tried booting the G3 from the external I already had installed from my G5. It booted and I was able to login but the Finder kept crashing in an infinite loop. So for me I have only gotten a little taste. Just enough to want more... I'll keep trying. I've been using an external drive all along. In fact I have tried 3 different drives. Cow
  5. New Build-9A303

    Really? How did you install? Did you burn a DVD or use an external drive? Did you do anything else special?
  6. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    Didn't read through all the hints so apologies if this is a dup. Hold down the Apple/Command Key while clicking and dragging a window in the background allows you to move the window without bringing it to the front. This also works with many (not all) standard controls. The scroll bar and resize corner for example.
  7. New Build-9A303

    So has anyone had any luck installing on a G5? I have an old G3 iBook I will try this weekend but I can't imagine it's going run very well if at all.
  8. New Build-9A303

    I crash immediately after the grey apple. it's kinda weird actually I can almost see the kernel panic wipe (with the 5 languages) but then the screen goes blue. sometimes I have a mouse sometimes I don't In any case it is panicing right after the grey screen. Cow.
  9. New Build-9A303

    #1 is a problem as I am not willing to install on my internal drive so I am using an external FireWire drive. #2 Done that.... In fact I can boot into Safe Mode just fine but what fun is that? #3 I have owned this G5 for over a year now. It does have after market RAM which is claimed to be Apple -Certified and has never given me any problems before. I was unable to find anything spectacular in the boot log except a whole lot of 'can't find MAC address' lines. I've also now tried this on my G5 iMac using the same external HD. Same behavior. I have heard of Apple seeds being picky about internal HD only installations before. Is this the case? In safe mode I get tons of App crashes so it's no good to use. Thanks yo! Cow.
  10. New Build-9A303

    dang dude, you seem a little high strung. chill. some people aren't as smart as you... On a more friendly note: I have tried installing both the WWDC seed and this latest one. I am able to install fine but my machine kernel panic's right before it goes to the blue screen (after the grey Apple) Anyone have a clue? Thanks, Cow
  11. Leopard won't boot

    I've tried installing the WWDC seed 3-4 times now. Got it to boot once then when I ran software update it wouldn't boot. I am getting a kernel panic while still on the grey Apple screen. Haven't looked at verbose or single user mode but will be doing that tonight. Any one have any thought in the meantime? Cow