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  1. Asking Help on dell D620 + iatkos v7

    Did this allow you to have dual core enabled? And also are you able to run software such as ilife and parallels?
  2. Here's the time kext patch TimeSyncFix.zip
  3. I know this is old, but can you tell me how exactly you got your dual core enabled? I too have the d620, and I can get everything work except dual core mode. This would be the last piece to my puzzle! Thank you! And oh i do have a fix for your problem, it's a mac os x timezone kext file. turns out apple had to address this with the earlier versions of the mac book, i'll find it and upload it! But your help would be appreciated thanks again!
  4. TSC sync XNU patch

    Will this work for iatkos v7? I too have the dell d620 with the core duo cpu. Can you link me to the leopard version? Your link doesn't work.
  5. Mac OS X on a Dell Latitude D620?

    Was your wifi the intel 395 card or broadcom?
  6. So I've finally managed to get everything setup great! Yay!!! But, I noticed that when I reboot from OS X back into windows 7, that either the resolution is huge and the mouse doesn't work, or just the mouse doesn't work. I decided to look into event viewer and lo and behold just about all of my device drivers failed to load when i was experiencing those problems. Generally I just reboot and the problem goes away. But I don't want to have to keep doing that. I have a dell latitude d620, T2400 cpu, 4GB ddr2 ram, intel GM950, 250GB hdd. Now one thing i was doing was toggling back and forth between dual and solo cores in bios until i found the "cpus=1" line that i now use during bootup of my mac. But that's set to dual core now on the regular. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I recently installed iatkos7 on my dell d620. everything works great, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make mac os x only use one my cores. i hate to have to toggle between dual and single core mode in bios when i go between windows 7 and mac. i have a core duo 1.83 T2700 cpu. I want to have it set to dual core mode all the time. I have plans to swap this cpu out but for the time being can someone shed some light on this please? i tried a method where i go into terminal and add the cpus=1 string, but i can't find how to commit the change. please someone help me! btw this is my first post so if this is in the wrong place i do apologize I followed this, but can't find how to save the changes. CODE sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist Find where it says: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> and change that to: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>cpus=1</string> And there, were done. Now go into your bios and select dual core mode and leave it there. Boot into OSX it will only use single core, any other OS has all cores open to them
  8. Asking Help on dell D620 + iatkos v7

    Yes it helped me out!! I was searching high and low for this exact thing! Thank you so much!!