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  1. Same thing here. I'm able to get 10.5.8 but kp when trying to install 10.6
  2. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    everything is working now except for the mouse cursor and the trackpad. I followed the directions for the cursor, but I'm unsure what to do next. no clue on trackpad
  3. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    so far so good. I'm in the process of updating and installing the items in your post
  4. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I'm at about 90% currently, just waiting on it to finish so I can move to the next steps
  5. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Nah you did great, my problem was just a bad burn.
  6. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    The disk I was hanging on was just a bad burn. It's loaded to installer now. I used a dual layer disk that I burned from my mac mini. The version I used was snowleopard_10a432_userdvd that a friend of mine had. I copied it onto the mac, added the files in the tutorial and reburned. Now I'm at the install phase I'm pretty new to this, as you can tell haha. I am pretty sure you can use a disk containing up to 10.6.2, but the tutorial and the the one that worked for me was 10.6
  7. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    [quote name='elalan5' date='Jul 14 2010, 11:55 PM' post='1511344' Jasonf: hanging were? i need to know everything plz!! if not i wont be able to know what is going wrong. Here's the steps I took 1 I loaded the empire Efi. 2 wait for the screen that tells me to insert my install cd, insert that, wait for the drive to stop flashing and hit f5. 3 I see Mac OS X Install DVD, I hit enter on it. 4 A bunch of text shows, until it says press any key to continue. 5 Next screen is the chameleon with grey background and the mac loading swirl. That's where I hang.
  8. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I never got to finish installing as I was using a 10.6.3 disk originally. So went back to the 10a432 disk and burned that. That one is just hanging.
  9. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I'm not sure if it's chameleon. After the efi it shows a picture of the chameleon and a swirly The disk light is flashing, but the hdd is not at all
  10. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I'm not sure if I'm stuck or not. My previous problem was the fact I was using at 10.6.3 disk, that booted fast, but failed. Now I'm using a 10.6 disk, and it's just not doing anything except sit at the chameleon screen. this has been for about 30 minutes. I think I'm going to reburn the disk. It may be bad.
  11. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    try this version of empire efi http://prasys.co.cc/2010/02/empire-efi-v1-085-r2-is-out/
  12. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Yes I placed it just were you suggested. I think it's an issue on my end where I messed up the mbr. I previously had a dualboot of ubuntu, and somehow that space disappeared. Since the windows install was pretty much empty, I'm going to try to use the full disk and play with it I also used a different version of the efi and that helped move me further
  13. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    hiya, I'm trying this and following steps, but I constantly recieve a kernal panic on every attempt. Any suggestions? edit: well I've actually made progress, I've gotten it to the install portion, but it immediately states I can't install. now it's not seeing the right partition.