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  1. OK it was the Full migration from the Old PPC system ... i did a fresh install and created a new user and everything worked fine. iCal is up and no more errors ... i was able to then use migrate assistant and migrate my user and settings successfully but i had to manually copy or reinstall all extra apps and redo network settings/
  2. Recently did a Kakewalk USB install of 10.6.3 on EP45-UD3L with 2GB RAM and GeForce 9500 GT. Install went smooth and so far every thing looks to be working great with one exception so Far iCal ... Also i imported my 10.5.8 G4 user settings and files from a local HD. On the first boot and at some periodic rate i get an error dialog "UpgradeUser quit unexpectedly" (see attached error.txt). I seem to also constantly get error message saying "iCal Helper failed" and when i try launch iCal i get "iCal cannot be opened because of a problem, see attached error.txt for Apple error reports for all events. One common theme to all of these errors is: Symbol not found: _AOSNotificationCreateSessionPriv I went back and did another install on USB disk with out any User settings migration and created a new user to see if i got any of the errors. I did not get the UpgradeUser but still get both iCal errors. I was using iCal with it set up to point to a beehive webdav and it would be very nice if i could get it to work again. Over all the process was excellent and remarkably clean and simple ... cudos for a job well done here! Thanks for any help with iCal. error.txt