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  1. I'm running the F-E version updated to 10.6.7. I can boot just fine, almost everything works as expected except my bluetooth dongle. It doesn't find anything at all. Also I had to use the voodhoo kext to fix the audio. Unfortunately this kext also ads a "psssssssssss" sound to my Hackintosh and I can ear it all over the livingroom when I'm not playing a movie. Additionally, I have overclocked my F-E to 1.9GHz stable with some GSkill memory. Can anyone running 10.6.7 in an F-E or any other zotac model help me out with the audio issue? I have read all 21 pages trying to figure it out and it is been frustrating not to be able to solve it. Please, I use this machine as an HTPC for my little kid's movies. Any help is highly appreciated. Maybe you could upload the DSDT file with the kexts used in your system in 10.6.7. I run it in 64 Bit all the time but I can boot into 32Bit if that's necessary. Again, please share your experiences and files with us. Thank you Edited to add info: I have installed the Cuda Driver from Nvidia. The latest version can be downloaded from the nVidia website.
  2. Hi Polvorito, thanks a lot for your help. In fact, I got my Zotac up and running by following your guide. It's been really helpful. There are a couple of things I have to work on though. I can't get my USB ports to run "HiSpeed" so basically I changed it to "FullSpeed" (USB 1.1) to work on it in the meantime. It wouldn't boot after installing chameleon even when the cache was properly rebuilt and permissions were fixed. I ended up swapping the sata cables for my hard drive and DVD drive. Somehow the computer was booting up now and then even when no changes had been previously made. Either it wasn't loading the changes in the CMOS setup properly or the sata cables it had were kind of loose. I reset the CMOS setup and swap the cables as mentioned and it is running and installing updates as I write here. I have to work on the USB issue though. I run a virtualized FreeNAS server on this machine with a bunch of drives as a backup NAS connected via USB so, yeah, USB 2.0 is my only way to go. 1.1 speed is actually painfully killer for me. Honestly, there is nothing to complaint about. As of yet, you gave us a fully working hackintosh guide AND I haven't even looked at the DSDT file for my own customizations. PRICELESS! Everything in my previous post was simply what I experienced when following the guide the first few times. I needed to keep the machine up and running because the backup routine cannot wait. For overclocking, I'll wait to see how it behaves tonight while we watch a rip while the backup takes place. Sleep/Shutdown is never a real issue for me though, I run this beauty 24/7 plugged into a UPS and I abuse it forcing it to run server services Thanks for your help
  3. Well, I tried polvorito's fix and unfortunately it hasn't worked for me. I actually tried it several times. I'm away from home now so I only have remote access to my zotac hackintosh. I ended up using the files in the first post of this thread (ionitx_boot_v2.zip). My wireless, sound and reboot works fine with the DSDT included in that post (I haven't edited yet - again, away from home) Actually I noticed that with polvorito's DSDT and boot file the performance is very poor. Open Activity Monitor and you will notice that one CPU core is working at almost 100% while the other 3 cores are not used. Replacing my DSDT and the boot file in / (root) with the ones in this post brought me back to normal. Only then I was able to rise the FSB to 650 UNLINKED (reading 2.05GHz) stable. I'm using it as my media center machine and I also run a virtualized FreeNAS server off of it with a bunch of disks connected to a USB enclosure. The issue with the bad CMOS checksum isn't a problem. You are probably missing the FakeSMC. Polvorito installed it into /S/L/E but I keep mine under /Extensions. Make sure you download the fakesmc from this thread's first post as well.... actually, download the .zip file and use everything in it instead of what others have posted. Compare it with what you have used and I'll look at the sleep/shutdown issue when I get home tonight.
  4. gungam, In your post you mentioned that you own the F-E board. Would you mind if I ask you to upload the kexts, DSDT and smbios you used to get it working. After my upgrade to 10.6.4 I haven't been able to sleep the machine. Shutdown doesn't work (hackintosh stays on after the soft-shutdown. By the way, you can overclock the F-E to 2.05GHz stable by bumping up the FSB to 650Mhz in the BIOS (UNLINK). Anything over 650 will cause it to freeze up and lock every now and then. The speed difference is certainly noticeable. Cheers
  5. If you tried to put the machine into sleep mode and it doesn't "wake up", first run Disk Utility and Repair Disk Permissions. Of course, you can't boot into your machine right now, so in order to boot OS X again simply unplug your computer from the power outlet, press the power button for @15 seconds or leave the machine alone for a couple of minutes. That will drain the PSU power completely and allow you to boot into your OS next time. This is a weird behavior that I have personally experienced with the Shuttle SG33G5 and the Shuttle K45 (less frequently). It might sound weird to you as well, just follow my advise and do it as I suggested. The OS hasn't been damaged in any way and you will be surprised that you actually reinstalled the OS 3 times when in fact there wasn't anything wrong with it. There seems to be a problem with the Disk cache and the SG33G5 controller. It has happened to me as well. So, resuming... Unplug the machine from the power outlet for 2 minutes. Press the power button @15-20 seconds while the machine is unplugged from the power source. Reconnect the SG33G5, turn it on and boot with -v. It might not boot the very first time, don't worry. Press the Restart button or the power button to power cycle it and eventually it will boot. Sleep works for me but I never put the machine into sleep mode nor I turn it off. Mine is a 24/7 online computer connected to a UPS. Still running 10.6.2 - 79 days uptime since last reboot. Hope this helps
  6. Here it is how to do it... Guide updated with sound fix
  7. Hi Dale, Good job! In previous versions (10.5.8) I got it working by editing the IOUSBFamily.kext Pretty much the same fix hehehe. Also, I can boot 10.6.2 just fine. Not so lucky with 10.6.3 with Nvidia 9800GT 512RAM. The black screen issue that many have seen with the 8XXX and 9XXX Nvidia cards. Have you tried upgrading to 10.6.3? Ohhh... And I have to update the guide This DSDT must be included! It worked beautifully! Guide updated with new DSDT file http://geeks.gotdns.com/sg33g5/
  8. No, unfortunately sleep doesn't work. I haven't edited the DSDT heavily. I was lazy enough to use a pre-modified DSDT file. Someone should take a look at the DSDT for us. I was able to sleep this baby in Leopard. Eventually we will get it working (crossed fingers). That's the only feature I don't use anyways. I have this machine running services hence it is always on.
  9. The guide can be found at http://geeks.gotdns.com/sg33g5/ I made it as simple as possible. Will update some parts later to make it even simpler. You should be able to run Snow Leopard by following that guide. Good luck
  10. Except for sleep, I can have Snow Leopard running fine in my SG33G5. I can post a guide if needed to get others to run it. Unfortunately I'm using a 9800 GT 512MB Nvidia card and no matter what I try I haven't been able to get video output after the update to 10.6.3. So if anyone is interested in 10.6.0 installation let me know and I'll post about it. This 9800 GT black screen issue is very weird and messy. Wondering if anyone has heavily edited the DSDT to actually get this card running properly... Good luck
  11. Guys I know this is not a game rig but I'm able to play COD4 at 1920 x 1200 with no lag! this little atom build is more than I was expecting for. xbmc, Boxee and a couple of games... I can't ask for more
  12. Has anyone tried digital out on any of these models?
  13. At least it gives you an idea of what to expect. By the way, it runs photoshp just fine. I don't expect to do heavy photoshop on it cos' it is obviously not an option for the Atom 330 but again, it is not what I was looking for. As a Media center machine is great! Love it
  14. I believe you need to have the Mirror Displays option set to OFF in Display settings because it won't work. I have 2 monitors connected HDMI and DVI to HDMI and it works as you mentioned... Yoni